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In today's digital age, where fraudsters lurk around every corner, safeguarding your corporate banking operations is paramount. We stand as your trusted ally in this fight, offering comprehensive Fraud Management Services tailor-made for your unique needs.

Business Benefits of Fraud Management

In this modern digital landscape, the threat of fraud looms large, casting a shadow over business growth and profitability. But proactive fraud management isn't just about protecting yourself from losses, it unlocks a potent cocktail of benefits that propel your business forward.


Stopping Financial Losses

Fraud can quickly eat into your profits. Implementing robust fraud management systems helps prevent direct financial losses from unauthorized transactions, identify theft and other schemes. These systems detect and stop fraudulent activity before it drains your resources, safeguarding your bottom line.


Building Customer Trust And Loyalty

Nothing erodes customer trust faster than fraudulent experience. Strong fraud protection measures assure your customers that their data and transactions are secure. This enhances brand reputation and promotes customer loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.


Streamlining Operations And Reducing Costs

Dealing with fraudulent activity consumes valuable time and resources. Fraud management systems automate risk assessment and detection, minimizing manual investigation and chargeback processing. This improves operational efficiency and frees up your team to focus on core business activities, ultimately translating into cost savings.


Gaining a Competitive Edge

In the current era, businesses with lax fraud protection struggle to attract and retain customers. Having a reliable fraud management strategy demonstrates your commitment to customer security and data privacy. This differentiates you from competitors and positions you as a trustworthy brand, giving you a crucial edge in the marketplace.


Protecting Your Brand And Reputation

Fraudulent activity associated with your brand can cause irreparable damage to your image. Effective fraud management helps prevent reputational harm by stopping fraudulent activity before it becomes public. This safeguards your brand's integrity and maintains customer trust, ensuring long-term success.


Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Fraud management systems gather valuable data on fraudulent attempts and patterns. This data-driven insight empowers you to make informed decisions about risk mitigation, policy adjustments and resource allocation. By understanding the evolving landscape of fraud, you can proactively adapt your strategies, staying ahead of potential threats.

Feature We offer In Our Fraud Management

We understand the ever-evolving threat landscape of fraud. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of fraud management features designed to protect your business, your customer and your bottom line.


Cutting-Edge Risk Scoring

Our advanced scoring models analyze millions of data points in milliseconds, instantly pinpointing suspicious activities across transactions, logins and more. We learn from every interaction, dynamically adjusting risk profiles to stay ahead of evolving fraud tactics. Fine-tune risk scoring parameters to suit your specific industry, customer base and risk tolerance.


AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Our intelligent systems continuously learn and identify patterns in fraudulent behavior, proactively flagging anomalies before they can cause damage. We delve deeper than just transaction data, analyzing user behavior patterns, device fingerprints and other indicators to identify hidden threats. Our AI adapts and improves over time, staying one step ahead of even the most sophisticated fraudsters.


Multi-Layered Security

We track unique device identifiers to identify and block suspicious activity originating from compromised devices. Real-time location analysis helps detect unusual login attempts from unauthorized regions. We monitor transaction frequency and volume to identify suspicious spikes that could indicate account takeover attempts.


Frictionless User Experience

For high-risk transactions, we seamlessly implement additional verification steps without disrupting the customer journey. We balance security with convenience by dynamically adjusting authentication requirements based on risk level and also keep you informed of potential threats with immediate notifications, allowing you to take swift action.


Rule Engine And Case Management

Our customizable rule engine allows you to define specific criteria for flagging suspicious activity.You can easily create ,modify and manage rules to adapt to your unique risk profile.Additionally,our system provides a centralized case management system to streamline investigation and resolution of fraud incidents.


3D Secure Authentication

We integrate with 3D secure authentication protocols to provide an additional layer of security for online transaction.Its requires cardholders to verify their identity with their issuing bank during checkout,significantly reducing the risk of unauthrorized transactions.


Regulatory Compliance Support

Our fraud management solutions are designed to comply with industry regulations and data privacy laws.We help you stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements and ensure the secure handling of custoemer data.



We provide comprehensive fraud intelligence reports that give you valuable insights into fraud trends and patterns.This data empowers you to proactively refine your fraud prevention strategies and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Advanced Technologies We Use

In today's digital world, fraudsters are constantly evolving their tactics. But we are staying ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge fraud management solutions powered by innovative technologies:

Smart AI models analyze vast data streams in real-time, identifying subtle anomalies and patterns that signal even novel fraud schemes. ML algorithms continuously adapt and refine risk profiles for each user, ensuring accurate fraud detection based on evolving behaviors. We take advantage of predictive analytics to forecast and thwart potential fraud attempts before they occur, safeguarding your business from financial losses and reputational damage.
Graph Analytics And Network Mapping
We map complex networks of relationships between users, devices and transactions, revealing hidden connections and exposing nefarious fraud rings. By clustering users with similar behavioral patterns, we identify deviations from the norm and pinpoint suspicious activity within specific segments. Seemingly disparate data points get linked to a single entity through entity resolution, providing a holistic view of user activity and allowing us to flag fraud across different channels.
Biometric Authentication And Behavioral Analysis
Go beyond passwords with multi-factor authentication, employing fingerprint, voice and other biometric checks to verify user identity and prevent unauthorized access. We analyze user interaction patterns, keystroke dynamics and mouse movements to detect subtle inconsistencies and flag potential account takeovers. Unique device fingerprinting allows us to track suspicious activity across different accounts and platforms, even if devices are switched.
Transaction data is securely stored in blockchain's tamper-proof and distributed ledger, ensuring authenticity, traceability and preventing fraudulent modifications. Automated reconciliation and settlement facilitated by DLT reduces the risk of human error and fraudulent manipulations in transactions. Blockchain's inherent transparency in financial transactions promotes trust with customers and partners alike.
API Security And Tokenization
Our Company fortifies your APIs, the gateways to your data, with robust security measures like encryption and tokenization. Sensitive information like credit card numbers are replaced with unique tokens, rendering them useless to attackers even if they breach your defenses.
Adaptive Fraud Rules And Real-time Alerts
We empower you with a customizable rule engine to tailor fraud detection to your specific needs. Dynamically adjust risk thresholds based on industry trends, transaction patterns and real-time insights ensuring prompt alerts for suspicious activity so you can take swift action.

Why Choose Tanθ As Your Fraud Management Services?

In today's digital landscape, where fraudsters constantly adapt and evolve their tactics, choosing the right fraud management partner is crucial. We go beyond basic detection and prevention offering a comprehensive and intelligent approach that safeguards your business from financial losses, reputational damage and operational disruption.


Unmatched Expertise And Technology

We wield cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics to detect and prevent fraud with laser-sharp accuracy, in real-time. Our multi-layered approach tackles all aspects of fraud from onboarding to transactions, leaving no stone unturned. We constantly innovate and adapt, staying ahead of evolving threats and safeguarding your business from the latest tactics.


Personalized And Scalable Solutions

We customize our solutions to your specific needs and risk profile ensuring a perfect fit for your unique business. Our solutions grow with you, seamlessly adapting and scaling to accommodate your expanding business and evolving requirements.


Commitment To Customer Success

You will have a dedicated team of fraud prevention experts by your side offering ongoing support and guidance. We keep you informed with regular reports, insights and proactive communication about emerging threats and solution performance.


Your Investment In Confidence Pays Off

By minimizing losses through proactive fraud prevention, you safeguard your bottom line. This translates to enhanced customer trust and brand loyalty, promoting long-term success. Our automated solutions streamline operations, freeing up your time and resources to focus on growth.

Fraud Management Process We Follow

We understand that a comprehensive approach is key to conquering fraud. We follow a certain and multi-layered process to safeguard your business from every angle.


Risk Assessment And Profiling

We begin by understanding your unique risk landscape, analyzing your industry, customer base and transaction patterns. Utilizing advanced analytics and AI. We build detailed risk profiles for each user dynamically adjusting them based on their behavior and interactions.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Our AI models continuously monitor your data streams, scrutinizing every transaction, login attempt and user interaction for anomalies and suspicious patterns. We employ sophisticated algorithms to detect even the most subtle indicators of fraud, including behavioral changes, device inconsistencies and velocity spikes.

Adaptive Rule Engine And Scoring

We empower you with a customizable rule engine, allowing you to tailor fraud detection parameters to your specific needs and risk tolerance. Our dynamic scoring system assigns risk scores to each user in real-time, triggering alerts and actions based on severity levels.

Multi-factor Authentication And Verification

Go beyond passwords, implementing multi-factor authentication like fingerprint scans, voice recognition and one-time passwords for enhanced security. Device fingerprinting and geo-location analysis further strengthen verification, identifying unauthorized access attempts from suspicious locations or devices.

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Proof Of Concept

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We understand that your business has unique needs and vulnerabilities. That is why we offer a bespoke POC program, allowing you to experience the transformative power of our fraud management solutions before committing.

Collaborative Planning

We work closely with you to understand your specific challenges, risk profile and operational requirements. Also tailor the POC to address your most pressing concerns and demonstrate the specific value of our solutions for your unique business.

Data Integration And Configuration

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing systems and data sources, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. We configure our AI models and risk scoring systems to adapt to your specific data format and transaction patterns.

Real-time Detection And Insights

Experience the power of our real-time fraud detection as our AI model analyzes your data and proactively identifies suspicious activity. We provide you with real-time dashboards and insightful reports showcasing the potential impact of our solutions on your fraud prevention efforts.


Collaborative Refinement

Throughout the POC, we actively collaborate with you, gathering your feedback and refining our solutions to optimally address your needs. This interactive process ensures you see tangible results and feel confident in the value we can bring to your business.

Driving Decisions with Data Intelligence

Upon completion of the POC, we present you with comprehensive data and reports, quantifying the potential impact of our solutions on your fraud losses and operational efficiency. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions about moving forward with us, confident in the return on investment you can expect.

Peace Of Mind with a Risk-Free Trial

It is designed to be risk-free and hassle-free. We understand the importance of trust and transparency, so you can explore the full potential of our solutions without committing to long-term contracts or upfront costs.

We Start Here

Our Fraud Management services are not mere tools, they are the foundation of a secure and prosperous future for your business. We understand that every organization faces unique challenges and that's why we tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs and industry.

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Exposing the Opponent

Before we can combat fraud, we must understand it. Our team of seasoned experts will conduct a comprehensive fraud risk assessment of your operations, identifying vulnerabilities and analyzing past incidents. We will delve into your data, processes and systems, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to uncover potential weaknesses.


Building Your Strong Defense

AI-powered sentinels stand guard, sniffing out fraudsters before they breach your walls. Data encryption and layered security protocols create an impenetrable fortress, shielding your operations from unauthorized access. We arm you with a complete arsenal to combat fraud, from proactive prevention to swift investigation.


Maintain Awareness

The fight against fraud is never-ending. As fraudsters adapt their tactics, we must remain vigilant. Our team will continuously monitor your systems and update your defenses to stay ahead of the curve. We will provide regular reports and insights, keeping you informed of the latest trends and potential threats.


Your Partner In Success

We believe that successful fraud management is collaborative effort. We will work closely with you, providing ongoing training and support to your team. We will also share industry best practices and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and build a culture of security within your organization.

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