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At Tan θ Software Studio is specialize in creating high quality 3d character design that bring your vision. We offer a wide range of services from concept art to modeling to animation. Our team of skilled artists and technologists collaborate to transform your concepts into meticulously 3D characters.

Why us Tan θ for character design

Choose Tan θ For innovation in 3D character design. A mix of artistic talent and technical expertise we transcend the ordinary, crafting characters that truly stand out. The field ensures every angle, curve and expression is meticulously designed.


Expertise & experience

Established companies often have a team of experienced 3D artists who specialize in character design. Their expertise can result in high-quality and visually appealing characters.

Quality and consistency

A professional company maintains a certain standard of quality and consistency across their work. This ensures that your characters are well-designed and visually coherent.

Diverse portfolio

We will have a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of character styles and genres. This demonstrates their versatility and ability to cater to different project requirements.

Technical skills

Character design involves various technical aspects, such as modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation. A skilled company can handle these aspects proficiently.

Types of 3D character design

Our company offer a various types of 3D art it use in game art each art have unique purpose to create a destination for unparalleled variety in 3D character design.

Steps Of Our 3D character design Process


The understanding your vision, goals and requirements. It includes discussions about character traits, personalities, roles and the intended medium of use.

Concept approval

The crucial at this stage to ensure that the designs align with vision. We make revisions and adjustments based on feedback until the concepts are approved.

Detailed 3D modeling

Artists transition to creating detailed 3D model. This stage involves sculpting the characters in three dimensions and meticulous attention to proportions.

Texture and material mapping

3D models are given life through texture and material mapping. We carefully apply textures, colors and surface materials to create a realistic and visually appealing appearance.

Rigging and skeleton setup

They need a skeletal structure. We rig the characters, setting up bones and joints that allow for natural movements. This is a crucial step for creating dynamic and lifelike animations.

Animation and pose testing

The characters are brought to life through animation. We create test animations to ensure that the characters move naturally and expressively.

Super Mario Game Demo

Project- Super Mario Game

Embark on a Pixel-perfect journey through iconic worlds,dodging Goombas and collecting stars in this nostalgic homepage to a gaming legend.

Cooperation Models of 3D character design Services

We offer services to our clients based on several interaction models that can be customize to meet your specific needs. You can choose one of the available models or combine them. We are ready to help you by choosing the most suitable model for you.


# In house teams

We maintain in-house teams of 3D character artists, modelers, riggers, animators and other specialists who collaborate within the same physical location.

# Studio Outsourcing

The outsource character design to external studios or specialized agencies. This can provide access to expert teams and reduce overhead costs.

# Joint Ventures

Collaboration between companies or artists with complementary skills, such as character designers and 3D modelers, can lead to the creation of complex and comprehensive characters.

# Remote Teams

A teams of artists collaborate remotely using communication tools, project management software and cloud storage for seamless information exchange.

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Our Game Projects 3D Characters Design Company

Our Game Projects 3D Characters Design Company brings virtual worlds to life with expertly crafted,immersive characters designs.Dive into our portfolio for a glimpse into a realm where creativity meets cutting-edge 3D technology.


Quick Facts About Us

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Business Benefits of 3D character design

3D character Captivate audiences, tell compelling stories and establish a memorable brand presence. Whether it's for gaming, marketing or entertainment our 3D characters elevate your projects to new heights.


Increased brand identity

Unique and well-designed 3D characters become iconic representations of your brand, helping you establish a memorable and recognizable visual identity that sets you apart in a competitive market.


Increased engagement

The 3D characters have the power to captivate and engage audiences, whether in games, advertisements or animations. Engaged audiences are more likely to remember your message and take desired actions.


Interactive experiences

The interactive media like video games and virtual reality 3D characters enable users to immerse themselves in dynamic and engaging experiences, fostering longer interactions and greater brand attachment.


Effective communication

Characters can simplify communication especially when conveying instructions tutorials or information in a user friendly manner. That can enhance understanding and holding of information.

Our Approach 3D character design Services


project requirements

Start by the understanding the project requirements like target audience and the budget. We also need to understand the characters role in the story or game.

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