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We are a specialized in game prototyping company that help you bring your idea to life and experts developers can create a playable prototype of your game in a matter of week and test ideas and get feedback early on.

Why choose us Tan θ for Game prototyping

Tan θ software studio, We specialize in turning your idea into playable prototype, saving you time amd money and ensuring your game shines. Thiscompany have seamless path to gaming success with years of expertise in game prototyping.



Our team comprises seasoned game designers, developers and artists to understand the gaming landscape inside out and bring wealth of knowledge to your project.


We grow on creativity and innovation in prototyping process and it designed to push boundaries, ensuring your game stands out in market.

Cost effective

Save on development costs by ironing out potential issues and refining your game mechanics early in the process or avoid costly mistake down the line.

Speed and efficiency

We streamline the prototyping process to get your game concept from idea to playable demo as quickly as possible ot time is crucial in the gaming industry.

Types of Game prototyping We Develop

The various world of game prototyping with our comprehensive service from paper prototypes to digital mock up, We offer a various types of game prototypes to suit your creative needs.

Steps Of Our Game prototyping

The journey with our game prototyping process, where each step is a crucial for bringing your gaming vision to life.


We begin by immersing ourselves in your game concept, diving deep into your ideas, objectives and target audience. The collaboratively refine and expand upon your vision.

Design and storytelling

Our expert designers wield their creative prowess to craft captivating visuals and compelling narratives that will transport players to your game immersive world.

Prototype development

A strong concept and design in place, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on rapidly transforming your ideas into playable prototypes.

User feedback

Play testing is at the heart of our process. We organize comprehensive play testing sessions, engaging with target users to gather invaluable insights.

Scalability planning

We plan for seamless integration into full scale development when you are ready to take your game to the next level and architecture and codebase are structured to ensure a smooth transition.

Post launch support

We offer post-launch support, including updates, bug fixes and additional content, to keep your game fresh and engaging long after its initial release.

Super Mario Game Demo

Project: Super Mario Game

Embark on a Pixel-perfect journey through iconic worlds,dodging Goombas and collecting stars in this nostalgic homepage to a gaming legend.

Cooperation Models of Game prototyping

The many various types of cooperation models for game prototyping. The best model for your project will depend on the size and complexity of game.


# Outsourcing

These model allow for flexibility in scaling the design team based on project need to bring perspectives and expertise to the project.

# Partnership

The client and development team work together and share responsibilities and share the costs and potential profits.

# Crowdsourced

An independent developer gets support and funding from a community of games who believe in the game idea.

# Client driven

The client is very involved and comes up with the game idea and oversees the development and pay for everything.

Technologies We Are Well Versed In

If you are looking for the best studio to hire Android game developers, then you can breathe easy: you've come to the right place. Our Android game development studio knows how to create games that will definitely resonate with your target audience. We can offer you the following services.


Fast and versatile programming language with a clear structure, allowing you to create both small and large-scale projects for the PC and mobile devices.


A comprehensive programming language for creating demanding AAA projects with rich visualization with multiplayer support on Unreal Engine.


A powerful yet simple programming language that makes it easy to create indie games in Unity 3D and CryEngine for PC and mobile devices.


A simple language with fast implementation used to create browser games and indie projects: table games, tile-matching games, slots, and others.


Cross-platform game engine featuring component-oriented approach and support for a huge number of platforms, technologies, and API.


State-of-the-art engine with real-time photorealistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects, realistic animation and reliable data translation.

Our Game Projects Development Services

Explore our comprehensive game prototyping and QA testing services to bring your game concepts to life with precision and reliability.Trust us for meticulous development and rigorous testing to ensure your game projects meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Quick Facts About Us

Discover unparalled excellence in video game prototyping and development services with us! Our team brings expertise and innovation to every project,ensuring swift and effient creation of captivating gaming experiences.Trust us for your next game prototype and let's bring your ideas to life.


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Our business Benefits of Game prototyping

The business benefits of game prototyping is risk reduction and cost efficiency to player centric design and competitive advantage our game prototyping service empower your gaming venture for success in the industry.


Reduce risk

The game prototyping allow you to test your game concept before investing in full scale development and the risk of building a game that may not resonate with player saving both time and money.


Cost efficiency

A preventing costly mistakes during development and it allow for efficient resource allocation and optimization, ultimately reducing development costs.


Competitive advantage

A well-executed prototype gives you a competitive edge in the gaming industry. It enables you to showcase your game concept to potential investors and publishers.


Market validation

Prototypes can be used to gauge market interest and assess the demand for your game. It ensures that your game aligns with market trends and player preferences.

Our approach in Game prototyping

Custom Java applications

Rapid iteration

We start by conducting in-depth discussions with you to understand your game concept, objectives and target audience to ensure a clear and comprehensive understanding of your vision.

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