Build Your Rarible Like NFT Marketplace Development Platform 

Our company stands out as a pioneer in crafting NFT marketplaces, drawing inspiration from Rarible's success story. We focus is on supporting artists and collectors, offering tailored NFT designs, decentralized decision-making, fair earnings distribution and vibrant community participation.

Inspired by Rarible, we prioritize users, ensuring artists thrive through continuous earnings and helping collectors find one-of-a-kind treasures. Our skilled team is committed to designing NFT marketplaces that are full of creativity, sustainability and inclusiveness, pushing your digital assets to new limits.

Why Tan θ For NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible?

At Tan θ Software Studio, excel in building NFT marketplaces that mirror the success of platforms like Rarible. With a wealth of experience in blockchain technology and NFT development, we bring innovative solutions to the forefront. Our community-centric approach ensures that your platform becomes a vibrant hub for artists and collectors alike, promoting meaningful interactions.

We take pride in our expertise in decentralized governance which empowers users and enhances the platform's democratic nature and creates tailored user experiences that prioritize user-friendliness and engagement. Our monetization strategies, akin to Rarible's royalties, support creators in maximizing their earnings.

Standout Features Of NFT Marketplace like Rarible

Tan θ Software Studio, we specialize in curating NFT marketplaces that embody the standout features akin to platforms like Rarible and with a profound understanding of the NFT landscape, craft innovative ecosystems that empower creators and collectors alike and also provide creators the tools to unleash their imagination through custom NFT creation while ensuring ongoing compensation with each resale.


Custom NFT Creation

Our platform allows users to craft one-of-a-kind NFTs just like Rarible, integrating their digital assets with personal creativity and distinctiveness.


Decentralized Governance

Similar to Rarible's approach, we prioritize community involvement. Users play an active role in shaping the platform's direction which ensures transparency and inclusivity in decision-making.


Royalty Mechanism

Teams are developing a way for creators to earn ongoing rewards, inspired by Rarible. As their creations get sold again and again, they'll keep receiving compensation. It makes sure they profit from the continued success of their work.


Vibrant Community Interaction

Platform follows the spirit of Rarible by building a lively community. You can interact with others by liking, commenting and sharing. This way, artists and collectors can easily come together and enjoy a dynamic experience.

Steps Of Our NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible Process


Conceptualization and Requirements

Collaborate to define the vision, features and goals of the NFT marketplace. Gather requirements and plan the development process, similar to Rarible's inception.


Blockchain Selection and Smart Contracts

Choose a suitable blockchain and develop smart contracts for NFT creation, trading and royalties. Ensure secure and transparent transactions within the marketplace.


User Interface and Experience

Design an intuitive UI/UX for seamless interactions. Create user-friendly interfaces for artists to mint NFTs and collectors to explore and trade them.


Community Engagement Integration

Inspired by Rarible, integrate community features like likes, comments and social sharing. Consider decentralized governance mechanisms to involve users in decision-making.


Security, Testing and Launch

Prioritize security and conduct thorough testing, similar to Rarible. Deploy the platform on the chosen blockchain, ensuring all functionalities work flawlessly before the official launch.


Marketing, Support and Iteration

Adopt marketing strategies to build awareness and provide user onboarding resources, tutorials and responsive support. Continuously develop and enhance the platform based on user feedback, ensuring its vitality.

Types of NFT Marketplace like Rarible Our Company Offers

We are a leading NFT marketplace development company that provides customized solutions for businesses of all sizes and also offer a wide range of features and services including support for multiple blockchains, customizable features, scalable architecture and secure and reliable technology.

Open Marketplace Platforms

Open marketplace platforms like Rarible allow creators to mint, list and sell a diverse range of NFTs directly to users and offer a democratic space where artists and collectors can engage in buying, selling and trading digital assets from art to music and beyond.

Curated or Exclusive Marketplaces

Curated marketplaces focus on quality over quantity, curating a selection of high-quality NFTs from exclusive creators. These platforms often require a selective application process, promoting an environment of exclusivity and unique artistic expression.

Gaming and Virtual Worlds Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces within virtual worlds and gaming ecosystems allow users to own, trade and utilize in-game assets, virtual real estate and items. These platforms bridge the gap between digital ownership and immersive gameplay experiences.

Music and Entertainment NFT Platforms

Music and entertainment NFT platforms provide a space for musicians, artists and content creators to tokenize their work. Fans can buy and trade unique NFTs representing music tracks, digital art and exclusive experiences.

Sports and Collectibles Marketplaces

Sports and collectibles NFT platforms capture iconic moments and items from the sports world, translating them into digital collectibles. Fans can own and trade virtual representations of their favorite sports memorabilia and player moments.

Social and Community-Driven Platforms

Social NFT platforms go beyond transactions, focusing on community interaction. Users can connect, comment and engage with creators and fellow collectors which promotes a sense of belonging and shared enthusiasm.

Charity and Fundraising NFT Marketplaces

Charity-focused platforms leverage NFTs to raise funds for noble causes. Creators donate portions or all of their sales to charitable organizations, showcasing the philanthropic potential of NFTs.

Environmental-Focused NFT Marketplaces

Environmentally conscious NFT marketplaces operate on energy-efficient blockchains, addressing ecological concerns surrounding blockchain technology and offering a sustainable platform for creators and collectors.

Fashion and Luxury Goods NFT Platforms

Fashion-focused NFT platforms revolutionize the fashion industry by introducing virtual wearables and luxury items. Users can own and exhibit digital clothing and accessories, blending technology with style.

Real Estate and Property NFT Marketplaces

Real estate NFT platforms tokenize real-world properties, enabling users to buy, sell and trade virtual representations of real estate. It democratizes property ownership and investment.

Educational and Learning NFT Platforms

Educational NFT platforms empower creators to tokenize educational content and courses. Learners can access exclusive material while creators monetize their expertise in innovative ways.

Healthcare and Medical NFT Marketplaces

Healthcare NFT platforms securely tokenize medical records and health data, putting users in control of their health information and these platforms explore the intersection of blockchain and sensitive data.

Crypto Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Crypto art galleries replicate the physical gallery experience in a virtual space. Curated collections and exhibitions of crypto art offer immersive artistic encounters.

Time-Based and Dynamic NFT Marketplaces

Dynamic NFT platforms introduce NFTs with time-based properties, allowing them to evolve over time or respond to external triggers. These NFTs represent a fusion of creativity and interactivity.

Tokenized Intellectual Property (IP) Platforms

IP-focused NFT marketplaces tokenize intellectual property rights, allowing creators to sell and license their creations in a decentralized manner. Users can invest in the potential of valuable IP.

AI-Generated Art and Content Platforms

AI-generated art platforms showcase the fusion of technology and creativity which offers NFTs created by artificial intelligence algorithms. These platforms push the boundaries of digital art creation.

NFT Lending and DeFi Marketplaces

NFT lending platforms combine NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing users to borrow against NFT collateral or earn interest by lending their NFTs.

Augmented Reality (AR) Collectibles and Gaming

AR-focused platforms offer NFTs that seamlessly integrate with augmented reality experiences, enhancing gaming and collectible interactions by blending the virtual and real worlds.

Cross-Platform Virtual Goods Exchanges

Cross-platform exchanges facilitate the trading of virtual items and assets across various online games and environments, allowing users to explore different virtual worlds.

Identity and Personal Branding NFT Platforms

Identity-focused platforms enable users to create and control their digital identities using NFTs, showcasing the potential for NFTs to revolutionize online presence and personal branding.

Our Approach in NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible

Tan θ Software Studio is at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly evolving world of NFT marketplaces. Our passion for digital art, collectibles and blockchain technology drives us to create a unique platform that empowers artists, creators and collectors worldwide. With a dedication to user-centric design and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to developing an NFT marketplace that captures the essence of creativity and digital ownership.

Our approach combines the best practices of industry leaders like Rarible with our own unique vision, resulting in a platform that redefines the way NFTs are created, bought and sold. Our team of experienced blockchain developers, UI/UX designers and industry experts collaborate to ensure that every aspect of our platform is carefully crafted.

we are not just building a marketplace, but we are promoting a community and believe in the potential of NFTs to connect people, celebrate artistry and drive innovation, also using blockchain solutions that are gentle on the planet and showing everyone how to act responsibly.

  • > Thorough Market Analysis
  • > Strategic Conceptualization
  • > Blockchain and Technology Selection
  • > Smart Contract Expertise
  • > User-Centric Interface
  • > Wallet Integration and Security
  • > Engaging Social Elements
  • > Effective Marketing Strategy


Thorough Market Analysis

Conduct in-depth research to understand the current NFT marketplace landscape, user preferences and emerging trends. Identify gaps that your platform can fill or unique features that can set you apart.

What makes us stand out in NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible?

We are changing the NFT marketplace game by combining advanced tech, user-friendly design and a strong focus on sustainability. Our unique way of doing things and our promise to support creators and collectors set us apart in the NFT world nad commitment to technology, sustainability, community and innovation sets us apart and positions us as a leader in shaping the future of digital ownership.


Blockchain Advancement

Pioneering blockchain solutions that ensure faster transactions, lower fees and scalability can position your platform as a technological leader, providing an efficient and seamless experience for users.


Customized User Experience

Prioritizing user-centered design and creating a seamless onboarding process can set your platform apart. Offering intuitive NFT minting and wallet integration ensures that both newcomers and experienced users feel comfortable.


Niche Innovation

Focusing on a specific niche within the NFT realm like virtual real estate or tokenized intellectual property, allows you to dominate that segment and cater to a dedicated user base.


Interactive Community

Cultivating an engaged community through interactive features, artist collaborations and events promotes a sense of belonging and turns users into active participants rather than passive collectors.


Curated Discovery

Implementing sophisticated curation and recommendation mechanisms enhances user discoverability, introducing them to high-quality and unique NFTs that align with their interests.


Eco-Conscious Approach

Showing a commitment to environmental sustainability through your choice of blockchain or eco-friendly initiatives addresses growing concerns and resonates with environmentally conscious users.

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Top Blockchains For The NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible

At Tan θ Software Studio, we are a leading company in blockchain tech, creating NFT marketplaces like Rarible and recognize the transformative potential of NFTs and their role in shaping the future of digital ownership. Our goal is to help artists, collectors and investors with an advanced NFT system that's user-friendly and innovative.


Ethereum: Ethereum is the pioneering blockchain for NFTs and it hosts a significant portion of the NFT market. Its established ecosystem, large user base and widespread support for various NFT standards (like ERC-721 and ERC-1155) make it a strong choice. However, high gas fees and network congestion can be challenges.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC): Binance Smart Chain offers a more cost-effective alternative to Ethereum with lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times. It has gained popularity for hosting NFT marketplaces that aim to provide a seamless experience without the high gas costs.


Solana: Solana is known for its high throughput and fast transaction speeds, making it a suitable option for NFT marketplaces that prioritize scalability. Its ecosystem is growing and it's becoming a preferred choice for projects looking to offer a smooth user experience.


Polygon (formerly Matic): Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to alleviate the network's congestion and high fees. It offers fast transactions and a bridge to Ethereum, making it an attractive option for NFT platforms seeking scalability without leaving the Ethereum ecosystem.


Flow: Flow is designed specifically for NFTs and DApps. It focuses on scalability and user-friendly experiences. Flow's focus on digital art, collectibles and gaming makes it a strong contender for NFT marketplaces.


Tezos: Tezos is known for its energy-efficient consensus mechanism and offers a platform for NFTs while addressing environmental concerns associated with some other blockchains.


Avalanche: Avalanche boasts high throughput and low latency, making it appealing for NFT marketplaces aiming to provide smooth and quick user experiences. Its Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge allows interoperability with Ethereum.


Harmony: Harmony is another blockchain that emphasizes high throughput and low fees. It aims to provide a user-friendly environment for developers and users alike, making it an option for NFT marketplace development.

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Business Benefits of NFT Marketplace Development like Rarible

We are stepping forward as a pioneer in NFT marketplaces, inspired by Rarible. But we are also going our own way, finding cool new ways to use NFTs and blockchain tech to help artists, collectors and investors. Our vision is to redefine the way people interact with digital assets, leveraging the power of technology to reshape creativity, ownership and collaboration.


Revenue Generation

NFT marketplaces offer diverse revenue streams, including transaction fees, listing charges and premium feature subscriptions. As trading volume grows, these sources can translate into substantial income for your platform.


Early Market Leadership

Launching an NFT marketplace early provides a chance to establish brand authority and build a dedicated user base. This early mover advantage can create a strong foundation for long-term success.


Elevated Engagement

Interactive features like auctions, bidding and trading enhance user engagement, resulting in longer session times and increased platform usage. This active participation contributes to the overall vibrancy of your marketplace.


Creator Partnerships

Collaborating with artists, musicians and influencers for exclusive NFT drops not only drives platform visibility but also builds influential relationships within the creative community, attracting more users.


Global Reach

NFTs surpass geographical boundaries, enabling your marketplace to attract a global user base. This accessibility contributes to growth, diversification and cultural inclusivity.


Innovative Showcase

Developing unique features like AI-based curation, specialized smart contracts and immersive user experiences showcases your technical prowess and positions your platform as a technological innovator.

NFT Marketplace Development Services like Rarible

Tan θ Software Studio is a dynamic technology company dedicated to providing comprehensive NFT marketplace development services that mirror the innovation and success of platforms like Rarible. Our mission is to empower businesses, entrepreneurs and creative visionaries to carve their niche in the Growing well NFT landscape.

Consultation and Strategy Planning
Provide expert guidance to clients in shaping their NFT marketplace vision. Help define target audiences, business objectives and unique selling points. Develop a strategic roadmap that aligns with market trends and client goals.
Smart Contract Customization
Design and deploy tailored smart contracts that cater to various NFT types like art, collectibles and virtual assets. Implement features like minting, auction mechanics, royalties and secondary sales to create a seamless NFT trading experience.
Intuitive User Experience Design
Craft an exceptional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design that enhances user engagement and simplifies NFT interactions. Ensure responsive layouts, wallet integrations and smooth navigation for both creators and collectors.
Blockchain Integration and Security
Assist in selecting an appropriate blockchain that meets scalability and security requirements. Develop secure wallet integrations for transactions, user authentication and private key management to ensure data protection.
Advanced Search and Discovery Tools
Build robust search algorithms and discovery mechanisms that help users find NFTs aligned with their preferences. Implement AI-driven recommendation systems to enhance personalized content discovery.
Community Engagement Features
Create a thriving community through social features like profiles, commenting, likes and sharing. Develop interactive spaces for artists and collectors to collaborate, exchange insights and promote a sense of belonging.

Data Insights of Our Capabilities


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7+ Years


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