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Tanθ software studio is skillful in developing NFT Social token developmet.We create a type of social token which can be used for rewarding users for their contributes to a platform and give acess to latest content or features and even support their works.This Social token are both built on blockchain technology but they serve different purposes.

NFT Social tokens can be further used to create a more direct relationship between creators and their fans.Where fans could then buy and sell these NFT tokens on a secondary market which would allow them to support the musician while also making a profit.We try to create a game which gives users a more control over their own items and even this social tokens could help to create a more equitable and sustainable online atmosphere.This token provide number of benefits for the clients and players.

Why Tanθ For NFT Social token developmment

Tanθ is a great NFT Social token development in NFT market which are based on blockchain network so that they can be more secure and transparent for the users.We have a quiet a talented team and possess a deep understanding of the social token ecosystems and in developing Social token for the community.We also try to be up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in the space.

Our concept and execution on all the aspects of creating this tokens makes us more special like we have the knowledge and skill to help you build a social token and the ability in order to scale our services to meet your needs and grow with your business.We try to put security on top of all with the help of latyest security measures to protect the data and users tokens in a safe place.If you are interested in making a Social token development based on NFTs then we recommend you to contact us.

NFT Social token Development Services

The Social token development services are a rapidly growing industry as more and more people and organizations realize the potential of social tokens to transform the way we interact with each other digitally or online.They can also get rewards for their contributions and to build stronger communities.There are some development services writen below.

Tokenomics design
Tokenomics is the process of designing the economic model for a social token and this consists of things like finding out the supply of tokens and also the reward system.
Smart contract development
This is the process of developing smart contracts for a social token.This smart contracts are pre-set contracts that can be used to automate the transfer of tokens.
Frontend development
Frontend development is the process of developing the user interface for a social token.This consists of things like the design of the website or app and the integration with the smart contracts.
Backend development
This is the process of developing the back-end for a social token.This contains things like the database and the integration with other systems.
Marketing and PR
Marketing and PR is the process of marketing and promoting a social token.This consists of things like creating and running social media campaigns and organizing events.
Community development
This is the process of building and nurturing a community around a social token.This can help to ensure the long-term success of the project by providing a platform for users to interact and collaborate.

Exciting Features of our NFT Social token development

There are lots of feature of developing Social token like they help you own and trade their NFTs for the players and some others are writen below.


Community building

NFT Social tokens can be used to build and engage communities around shared interests and can be done by giving token holders access to latest content and events.


Creator empowerment

This tokens can give creators more controls over their own revenue streams and this is because creators can sell their tokens directly to fans without any third party platform like youtube and spotify.



NFT Social tokens can be used to raise funds for creative projects and it is due to sold to investors who believe in the projects like flimmaker could create a social token to raise money for next movie.



This NFT tokens can be staked to earn rewards and it means that token holders can lock up their tokens for a period of time in order to earn interest or other benefits.

Types Of NFT Social token development Our Company Offers

As NFT social token development is all about the process of creating and launching a social token and there are number of new types of it and some of them are given below.

Creator tokens

Creator tokens are created by creators to give their fans a way to support them and to get exclusive content or experiences.

Community tokens

Community tokens are created by communities to give members a way to participate in decision-making and to get access to exclusive content or benefits.

Platform tokens

Platform tokens are created by platforms to give users a way to participate in the platform and to earn rewards.

Staking tokens

Staking tokens can be staked to earn rewards like interest or governance rights.

Fundraising tokens

These tokens can be sold to investors to raise money for a project for example a startup.

DAO tokens

DAO tokens are used to govern a decentralized autonomous organization.DAOs are organizations that are run by code and are not controlled by any central authority.

GameFi tokens

GameFi tokens are used in play-to-earn (P2E) games.P2E games are games that allow players to earn tokens by playing the game.

NFT tokens

These tokens represent ownership of a digital tokens and help a users to trade their NFTs like piece of artor music and video.

Metaverse tokens

Metaverse tokens are used in the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world that is being built on blockchain technology.

Social impact tokens

These tokens are used to create social impact.For example a social impact token could be used to fund projects that help to improve the environment.

Membership tokens

Membership tokens give holders access to exclusive content or benefits like early access to products or services.

Voting tokens

Voting tokens give holders the right to vote on decisions that affect the project or platform.

Sponsorship tokens

These tokens can be used to sponsor creators or projects.For example a company could purchase sponsorship tokens to support a creators work or to promote a project.

Gifting tokens

Gifting tokens can be used to send gifts to others.For example a user could send a gifting token to a friend to celebrate their birthday or to congratulate them on a job well done.

Loyalty tokens

These tokens are awarded to users for their continued engagement with a project or platform.

Reward tokens

Reward tokens are awarded to users for completing tasks or milestones for example a gaming platform.

Referral tokens

These tokens are awarded to users for referring new users to a project or platform.

Airdrop tokens

Airdrop tokens are given away for free to promote a project or platform.For example a company could airdrop tokens to users who follow them on social media.

Burn tokens

These tokens are destroyed which reduces the total supply of tokens and can increase the value of the remaining tokens.

Rebase tokens

Rebase tokens have their supply automatically adjusted based on the value of the underlying tokens.

Steps Of Our NFT Social token Development Process


Define your goals

In this step you have to define your goals for your social token and also think of the future plans and how you want to see your Social tokens.


Choose a blockchain

The next step is to choose a blockchain to launch your social tooken on and there are many different blockchains to choose from and have specific benefits and causes.You need to select a blockchain that is perfect for your projects.


Design your tokenomics

Tokenomics is the economics of your social token.This consists of things like the supply of tokens and the distribution of tokens with its value of tokens.You need to carefully design your tokenomics to ensure that your token is successful.


Create your smart contracts

Smart contracts are the code that will govern your social token.They also find out how tokens are created and used.You need to carefully create your smart contracts to ensure that they are secure and reliable.


Launch your token

Once you have completed the previous steps, you are ready to launch your social token. This involves creating a websiten or setting up a wallet and marketing your token to potential users.


Manage your token

When your token is launched then you need to manage it on the on-process basis.This consists of things like monitoring the price of tokens and user feedback and updating the tokenomics.

Our Approach In NFT Social token development

Tanθ software studio is a great NFT Social token development developer on the basis of NFTs and is build by our highly talented team on the best possible blockchain platform.We try to build NFT social token development which should be secure and transparent for the users.We try to to make a platform where users can own and trade their NFT tokens and sense of owning that tokens.

Our comapny have potential to make a perfect platform you want in this NFT Social token development.With the knowlegde and experience of our team we try to make a platform both rewarding and informative social media landscape.We are trying our best to build a platform that makes it easy for creators to launch and manage their own Social tokens whenever they want and depends on them that how they want to utilize or trade it.

We believe that NFT social tokens can help to create a more positive and productive online digital environment.Also NFT social tokens can help to build a sustainable social media environment so that social tokens can be used to fund new projects that benefits the community and social tokens helps to people by rewarding for their positive behaviour and contributions ignoring their background information.

Explore Trending Features for Integration

  • > Creator-centric
  • > Community drieven
  • > Transparent and accountable
  • > Inclusive and equitable
  • > Sustainable
  • > Positive and productive
  • > Relevant and useful
  • > Evolving and adaptable



We believe that NFT social tokens should empower creators and not exploit them.We want to give creators the tools they need to build a successful social token economy.

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Tanθ Software Studio's expertise in NFT social token development has been instrumental for our platform. Their innovative solutions and robust technology have enhanced our tokenomics, driving community engagement and promoting a vibrant ecosystem.

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Top Blockchains For The NFT Social token

As choosing blockchain is also one of the most important step in developing NFT Social token deveopment because there are many types of blockchains for social token but it depends on the developer which one gives you more benefit and suits perfect for your project and that is why some of the blockchains that fits it are listed below.


Ethereum:Ethereum is the most famous blockchain platform for NFTs and is also a decentralized platform that allows developers to create and deploy smart contracts.This makes it perfect for social tokens which are often used to automate the transfer of the value.


Solana:Solana is a high-performance blockchain that can process transactions fast and cheaply.This makes it great for social tokens that need to able to scale to a large number of users.


Avalanche:Avalanche is a flexible blockchain that can support a large number of transactions per second and makes it great choice for social tokens that need to control lots of activity.


Polygon:Polygon is a 2-layer solution for Ethereum.It means that it can be used to improve the performance and flexibility of Ethereum-based social tokens.


Fantom:Fantom is a high-performance blockchain that is specially designed for DeFi applications and makes it good for social tokens that are used to power decentralized finance apps.


Tezos:Tezos is a pre-set blockchain platform that can be upgradable without the need for a fork and also makes it a great for social token that need to be able to develop over time.


Cardano:Cardano is a secured blockchain which is developed to be more energy-efficient than proof-of-work blockchains and even makes it a better choice for social tokens that are connected about their environmental impact.


Polkadot:Polkadot is a multi-chain blockchain that can connect differentb blockchains together and makes iot a nice choice for social tokens that want to be able to connect with other blockchain-based apps.

Business Benefits of Social token

There are many benefits in the NFT social token development not only the result but also business benefits in your businesses and some of them are given below.


Increase engagement

NFT Social tokens can be used engage users to interact with a platform or community like users can be rewarded with tokens for creating content and participating in discussions and this can lead to increased interaction and activity on the platform.


Improved loyalty

This tokens can be used to create a sense of loyalty among users and they hold tokens in a platform may be more likely to continue using the platform and participating in the group and this can lead to increased retention and growth.


New revenue streams

NFT Social tokens can be used to create new revenue streams for platforms and communities.For example platforms can sell tokens to users or they can charge users for services that require the use of tokens.


Improved governance

It can be used to improve the governance of platforms and communities.For example users can vote on changes to the platform or community using tokens.


Expanded reach

NFT Social tokens can be used to expand the reach of platforms and communities.For example platforms can airdrop tokens to users on other platforms and they can partner with other platforms to allow users to exchange tokens.


Brand awareness

This social tokens can be used to raise brand awareness for platforms and communities.For example platforms can give away tokens to influencers and they can run marketing campaigns that promote the use of tokens.

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