My Crypto Heroes Like NFT Gaming Platform 

Our company helps users in creating this game which is an RPG-style NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain platform and allows players to battle and trade with some traditional characters from different era.In this game you can own the tokens and can buy or sell it in third party like OpenSea.We will also provide users some new features and will make the game much more exciting and rewarding .

My crypto heroes like NFT game is a free-to-play game where you can purchase heroes and some in-game items with MCH tokens.This game consists of four types of users farmers,warriors ,creators and traders.All four types will have a source of revenue in the game and each hero with ERC-721 token.We are large and passionate team of developers and are excited to see what future controls for my crypto heroes and therefor eif you are interested in this then you may join us..

Why Tan θ For My crypto heroes like NFT game

Tan θ Software Studio is an leading developer of NFT games containing My crypto heroes and we are well-known for our high-quality games with compatible price and great client service.We offers a wide range of services and features that makes it simple for players to enjoy our games.such as hero rental service and an auction house.

We have created a lots of number of famous and quality NFT games including this game and that is why our company offers services like refferal programs and community events.We help our clients and users by providing 24/7 support team services and provide our players best and top possible experience and regularly working to improve our games and that is why we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies.We have the experience and expertise to make our gaming experience sufficient.If you are looking for a great NFT game like this then you may contact us.

Exciting Features of our My crypto heroes like NFT game

This is a blockchain based NFT game which provides some game featurea like strategic turn based systems and crafting systems and many more.This feature are very important in making this game interesting and therefore some of the features are listed below.


Collectible historical figures

Players can collect and battle with historical figures from different eras like Leonardo da Vinci and Alexander the Great.It allows players to own and collect rare digital assets that represent historical figures and that is why palyers can also earn money by collecting and trading systems.


Strategic battle systems

Players battle against each other in a strategic turn-based battle system and it allows players to customize their characters and make them even stronger. Players can craft items that give them new abilities and even change their look.


Crafting systems

Players can create powerful items to improve their characters and it is exciting because it allows players to customize their heroes and help in crafting items like increase their heroes stats. .


Active community

My Crypto Heroes has a large and active community of players.This feature is great because it gives permission to players to connect with each other across the world.Players can chat with each other and trade their items.

Steps Of Our My crypto heroes like NFT game Development



The first step is to think of a plan for the game which consists of mind-mapping ideas for the games setting,characters and gameplay.



When you complete with your plan, then you have to design the game and consists of creating coding the in-game art and designing the user interface.



The development phase plays very important role in making the overall game.This consists of coding the game and testing the game.



As soon as your game is developed then it should be tested and consists of playing the game and solving any bugs or errors.



When you are done with testing part then you are ready for launching which consists of making the game free to players and also promoting the game.



After the game is launched then it should be maintained that consist of fixing bugs and keeping the game up-to-date.

Types Of my crypto heroes like NFT game Our Company Provides


Collectible games

Collectible games allow players to collect digital tokens like characters and items.These tokens can be traded on third-party platforms and that is why players can also earn cash by collecting and trading them.

Battle games

These games allow players to battle against each other in a variety of several ways. And this battles can be strategic and turn-based or real-time.

Card games

These games allow players to collect and play with cards that have different characters and abilities. This Card games can be simple or complex but they can be played online and offline both.

Role-playing games

These games allow players to create a character and explore a virtual world.Players can complete tasks,fight monsters and upgrade their characters.

Simulation games

These games allow players to play real-world activities like running a business and building a city. Simulation games can be educational and for fun also.

Adventure games

These games are similar to RPGs and also focus more on exploration and storytelling.In this game type players have to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in order to progress through the game.

City-building games

These games allow players to build and manage a city.In this players have to collect resources and build infrastructure in order to grow their city.

Economic games

These games allow players to trade goods and services in a virtual economy.In this players can earn money by buying and selling goods and by investing in businesses or also by completing tasks.

Fantasy games

These games are set in a fantasy world and have feature magic, monsters and other fantastic elements.

Horror games

These games are designed to scare players. They are generally feature suspenseful gameplay and disturbing the images.

Puzzle games

These games require players to solve puzzles in order to progress.This Puzzles can be simple or complex and also can depend on logic and pattern recognition.

Racing games

Racing games gives permission to players to race against each other or computer-controlled opponents. Racing games can be simple or complex and can be played on a wide range of tracks.

Strategy games

Strategic games needs players to make strategic decisions in order to win.These games can be turn-based or real-time and at the same time it can be based on a wide range of themes.

Sports games

These games allow players to play a variety of different sports like football, basketball and cricket. Sports games can be simple or complex and they can be played on a variety of unique platforms..

Turn-based games

These games require players to take turns making moves.Turn-based games can be simple or complex and they can be played on a different types of platforms.

Virtual reality(VR) games

VR games are played using a VR headset. These games allow players to experience the game world in a more innovative way.

World-building games

These games allow players to develop their own virtual world.Players can build anything they want in the game world like buildings and cities.

Blockchain games

These games are built on a blockchain platform and use NFTs to represent digital tokens like characters and items.Blockchain games allows players to own and trade these tokens in a safer and clear way.

Play-to-earn games

These games allow players to earn money by playing the game.Players can earn money by completing tasks and winning battles.Play-to-earn games offer a path for players to earn money while having fun.

Casual games

These games are designed to be played for short periods of time.Casual games are typically simple and easy to learn.They can be a great way to relax or waste some time.

Our Approach In My crypto heroes like NFT game

Tan θ My crypto heroes like NFT game is an creative platform which provides pplayers to own and control their specific in-game items where they can trade and collect the items in battle and this plays an important role in any NFT game.We would use a free-to-play model with the option for players to purchase NFT heroes and other in-game items.

Our company creates the game which is based on the blockchain technology to create a unique non-fungible tokens that players can focus on the strategy and skill where players can earn rewards for their time and efforts they made and believe that this approach towards the this can create a fun and interactive game that players will enjoy.

We also provide some feature which can make this game more of a sense of excitement and interaction atround the game.We make a game which is a turn-based RPG where the game is flexible to control and process large number of players.We offer you 24/7 client support team which can solve your issues instantly and we belive in providing high-quality of work with effeciency and therefore you may contact us.

  • > Player ownership and control
  • > Scalability and security
  • > Engaging gamepplay
  • > Community
  • > Variety of NFT heroes
  • > Quests and battles
  • > Crafting
  • > Tournaments


Player ownership and control

Players would own their own NFT heroes where they can trade and use in battle.And this would provide players a feature like ownership and control over their in-game tokens which is necessary in any NFT like game.

What Sets Us Apart in the My crypto heroes like NFT game Space?

There are multiple reasons which sets us apart from others in My crypto heroes like NFT game and some are listed below


Player ownership and control

Players can own their in-game items like NFT heroes which they can trade and collect or even use them in battle and it is also key feature that many NFT games do not have which becomes our plus point.


Scalability and security

The game would be scalable and secure which means flexible and clear so that it can have a large number of players and also that players NFTs tokens and items can be protected.


Variety of game modes

The game would offer a variety of game modes like single-player, multiplayer and co-op to gain and attract to a wider audience.


Regular updates

The game would receive regular updates with new content and features because we are always up-to-date and wanted to improve users gameplay.


Variety of NFT heroes

The game will have a several varieties of NFT heroes that players can collect and trade which allows them to develop their own teams and unique strategies.


Unique art style

The game will have a unique and different art style that can make it stand out feature from other NFT games.

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Top Blockchains For The My crypto heroes like NFT game

My Crypto Heroes is a blockchain-based collectible card game and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain platform and that is why many are given below.


Ethereum: It is the most important and famous blockchain for NFTs and is good choice for the games that need a large number of players.It can be expensive to use and can be slow sometimes.


Solana: Solana is new in the blockchain technology that is developed to be more flexible and efficient than Ethereum and is good choice for the games that needs a lot of transactions quickly.


Binance smart chain: Binance Smart Chain is a branch of Ethereum that is developed to be more flexible and efficient.It is a great choice for games that wanted to pay less fees then Ethereum.


Polygon: Polygon is a 2-Layer scaling solution for Ethereum.It is a great choice for games that want to avoid the cost of transactions while still using the Ethereum network.


Flow: It is a blockchain which is developed for the games and some other applications which need high amount of output and quick reaction.Overall it is a best option for the games that has to control lots of transactions at a same time.


Wax: It is a blockchain that is specially developed for digital collectibles and gaming.Wax is a better choice for games that has to create a marketplace for players where have to Trade and collect NFTs.


Tezos: Tezos is a blockchain which is created to be improvable and secure.Tezos is better option for the games that needs to be upgrade and adapt over time.


Avalanche: Avalanche is a blockchain that is build and develop to be more flexible and safer on the decentralized platform which makes it a nice option for those games who needs a high-quality gaming experience to the players.

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Business Benefits of My crypto heroes like NFT game

There are some business benefits of this and if you are looking for creating game then you should consider this which are listed below.


Increased player engagement and retention

NFT games can increase player interaction and retention by providing players a realization of ownership over their game tokens.This can lead to players in spending more time playing the game and being more turning to share to others.


New revenue streams

This games can generate new revenue streams for owners through the sale of NFTs and in-game items.This can also helpin reducing the costs of developing and maintaining the game and can also provide a source of continuous revenue.


Brand awareness and marketing

NFT games can help in increasing brand awareness for developers.This is because NFT games are sometimes featured in articles and social media posts that can help in attracting new players and increase interest in the developers game.


Community building

NFT games can help to develop a community around the developers game.That is why NFT games sometimes have strong communities of players who share knowledge and strategies.This can help to create a realization of loyalty and excitement around the developers brand and to the players.


Collaboration opportunities

NFT games can give many opportunities for developers to collabe with other developers and brands.This can help in creating new and creative games and can also help in reaching a large audience.



NFT games are in their early stages which means that there is a large space for innovation.This can lead to the development of new and exciting games that offer different experiences for players.

My crypto heroes like NFT game Development Services

The NFT game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it requires players to own Ethereum in order to purchase heroes and participate in battles.NFT game development is a rapidly growing field as more developers are making games that use blockchain technology.This Blockchain technology allows players to own their in-game assets which can lead to a more interactive and rewarding gaming experience for the players.

Designing of the game
This service consists of creating the overall concept and design of the game that is mind-mapping which contains the gameplay and story with their characters and art style.
Development of the game
This service involves developing the games code and mechanics as well as creating the games tokens and in-game items like art, music and sound effects.
Integration of blockchain network
This service contains integrating and combining the game with a blockchain network like Ethereum or Solana and for this reason players can own their NFTs and in-game items.
Smart contract development
This service helps you in developing smart contracts for your NFT game and this are pre-set contracts that are stored on the blockchain network.Smart contracts are also used for storing data and run transactions.
Marketing and promotion of game
This service consists of promoting the game to potential players with the help of social media and advertising.
client support
This service contains providing support to players with their questions and issues about the game.As it takes the surity that players have a positive experience with the game and improve the gameplay.

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