Multi-chain IDO Launchpad Development 

At Tan θ Software Studio, a forward-thinking technology company that specializes in delivering innovative software solutions. We pride ourselves on our team of skill and passionate professionals who are dedicated to creating exceptional products ad services.

With a focus on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm, our aim to be at the forefront of software development and emerging technologies. We believe in a customer-centric approach, understanding the unique need of each client and customize our solutions to exceed their expectation.

Why Choose Tan θ For IDO Launchpad In Multichain Development

Tan θ Software Studio for IDO Launchpad in Multichain development is a decision that ensures you get the best platform and services available. We pride ourselves on being a team of experts with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the multichain network. With our experience, we can provide you with a seamless and seamless and secure IDO Launchpad solution that empowers you blockchain project to raise funds efficiently and transparently.

Our Launchpad platform is on a robust and scalable infrastructure, guaranteeing reliability high performance. We understand the importance of user-friendly interface and our smart contract technology ensures a smooth experience for both project teams and investors. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, making sure you have access to cutting-edge features and services.

Standout Features Of IDO Launchpad In Multichain

The IDO Launchpad in Multichain offers a host of standout fetuses that make it a leading platform for decentralized fundraising. With a user-friendly interface and seamless token sales, participants can easily engage in the fundraising process. Smart contract technology ensure secure and transparent transactions, fostering trust within the community.


Seamless Token Sales

Participate in token sales with ease and convenience. Our user-friendly interface ensure a smooth experience for both project teams and investors, making it simple to engage in the fundraising process.


Secure Transaction

Your safety is our priority. Built on a robust and secure infrastructure, our IDO Launchpad provides a trustworthy environment for conducting transactions, safeguarding your investments.


Multichain Compatibility

Embers the power of Multichain, enabling interoperability across various blockchain networks. Benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of this cutting-edge technology.


Global Community

Connect with a diverse community of crypto supporters and investors worldwide. Our platform offers you access to a global pool of potential supporters for your projects.

Steps Of Our IDO Launchpad In Multichain Process


Project Submission

Blockchain projects interested in launching their tokens through our IDO Launchpad submit their proposals. The projects go through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure quality and viability.


Token Sale Announcement

Once the selected projected projects are approved, we announce the upcoming token sales on our platform. Investors and the community are informed about the projects, allowing them to prepare for the IDO event.


Whitelisting and KYC

Before to the token sale, investors are required to complete a whitelisting process and undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances the security of the fundraising process.


Token Sale Event

On the scheduled date, the IDO event takes place and investors can participate in purchasing the newly launched tokens. Smart contract technology ensure a fair and transparent distribution of tokens.


Multichain integration

The IDO launchpad operates on the Multichain network, enabling interoperability and seamless interactions across various blockchain networks.


Post-Launch support

We provide ongoing support to the projects after the IDO event, helping them navigate the challenges of post-launch development and community engagement.

Types of IDO Launchpad In Multichain Offered by Our Company

At our IDO Launchpad in Multichain, we offer a diverse range of models, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive platform for both blockchain projects and investors.

Decentralized IDO Launchpad

Build on Multichain decentralized network, this type ensures transparency and security through smart contracts for token sales.

Curated IDO Launchpad

Hand-picked projects by expert are presented in this IDO Launchpad, offering investors carefully vetted opportunities.

Community-Driven IDO Launchpad

The community participates in project selection, creating a democratic and engaging fundraising platform.

Tiered IDO Launchpad

Projects are categorized based on their stage of development, allowing investors to choose according to their risk appetite.

Lottery-Based IDO Launchpad

Investors enter a lottery for a chance to participate in token sales, providing equal opportunities for all participants.

Private IDO Launchpad

Exclusive projects are available to a select group of investors before they are publicly offered.

Public IDO Launchpad

Open to all investors, this type allows broad participation in token sales.

Fixed Price IDO Launchpad

Tokens are sold at a fixed price during the IDO event, providing clarity for investors.

Dutch Auction IDO Launchpad

The token price starts high and decreases gradually until all tokens are sold, offering early supporters an advantages.

Dynamic pricing IDO

Token prices adjust based on demand, providing a fair market-driven approach.

Staking-based IDO Launchpad

Investors stake tokens to earn allocation in the IDO encouraging long-term engagement.

NFT-based IDO Launchpad

NFT holders gain priority access to token sales, adding value to their NFT assets.

Social Media IDO Launchpad

Projects with strong social media support gain priority in the token sale.

Vesting-Based IDO Launchpad

Tokens are vested over time to ensure responsible token distribution and long-term commitment.

Multi-Round IDO Launchpad

Token sales are conducted in multiple rounds, giving more opportunities for investors to participate.

Cross-Chain IDO Launchpad

Projects are launched on multiple blockchains, increasing accessibility and exposure.

On-Chain GOvernance IDO Launchpad

Token holders participate in decision-making for project development and token economy.

Charity IDO Launchpad

Projects with a charitable focus are given prominence, encouraging support for social causes.

Niche-Focused IDO Launchpad

Specialized IDO Launchpads for specific industries or sectors cater to targeted investment preferences.

Early-Access IDO Launchpad

Early backers and loyal supporters gain priority access to token sales as a reward for their commitment.

Our Approach in IDO Launchpad In Multichain Services

At Tan θ Software Studio,Our approach For IDO Launchpad in Multichain is build on a delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience for both blockchain projects and investor. With Multichain as our backbone, we ensure interoperability across various blockchain networks expanding opportunities for project launches and investment options.

We employed smart contract technology to conduct token sales securely, providing a tamper-proof mechanism for distribution. Our decentralized model ensures that all participants have equal access to projects, promoting a level playing field for investors of all sizes.

With a focus on selected projects, we bring only the most promising and high-quality opportunities to our investors. Our dedicated team of experts evaluate and vets projects, ensuring that each listed token sale meets stringent criteria for success.

Trending features

  • > Innovation
  • > Transparency
  • > Curated Project Selection
  • > User-focused Design
  • > Community Engagement
  • > Security
  • > Multichain Compatibility
  • > Continuous Improvement



We prioritize innovation, continuously exploring new technologies and strategies to create a cutting-edge IDO Launchpad. By staying ahead of the curve, we offer our users an exceptional experience in decentralized fundraising.

What Sets Us Apart in IDO Launchpad in Multichain

We stand out in the IDO Launchpad in Multichain due to our commitment to innovation, transparency and user satisfaction. With cutting-edge technology, curated high-quality projects user-centric approach, we foster trust and empower both blockchain projects and investors for successful decentralized fundraising.

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Transparency and Fairness

Transparency is at the core of our operations. We employ smart contracts on the Multichain network to ensure a transparent and tamper-proof token sale process. This instills trust and confidence among all participants, creating a level playing field for investors.

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Curated High-Quality Projects

Our team diligently evaluates and selects high-quality projects to be listed on our IDO Launchpad. By curating projects, we present investors with promising opportunities and reduce the risks associated with token investments.

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User-Centric Approach

Our platform is designed with the users in mind. We actively seek feedback and input from our community, ensuring that their needs and preferences drive the development of the IDO Launchpad.

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Client-Centric Approach

We work closely with our clients, understanding their unique requirements and tailoring our solutions to meet their specific need. our client-Centric approach ensures that we deliver solutions that align with our clients goals and objectives.

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Community Collaboration

We strongly believe in the power of community. Our IDO Launchpad encourages active community participation, allowing enthusiasts to have a voice in project selection and fostering a vibrant and engaged ecosystem.

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Security and Trust

Security is a top priority for us. Our IDO Launchpad is built on a robust and secure infrastructure, ensuring the safety of all transactions and user data.

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Top Blockchains For IDO Launchpad in Multichain

We provide top blockchains for IDO Launchpad in Multichain include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche and Terra. These platforms offer various advantages, such as smart contract capabilities, low fees, high throughput and interoperability, making them ideal choices for efficient and successful token sales.


Ethereum : Ethereum has been a popular choice for IDO Launchpads due to its widespread adoption, smart contract capabilities and established DeFi ecosystem.


Binance Smart Chain : Binance Smart Chain has gained significant traction for IDO Launchpads due to its low transaction fees and fast block times, attracting numerous projects and investors.


Polkadot : Polkadot's interoperability and scalability features make it an attractive option for IDO Launchpads, allowing projects to connect with multiple blockchains and reach a broader audience.


Polygon : Polygon's Layer 2 scaling solution provides cost-effective and fast transactions, making it an appealing choice for IDO Launchpads.


Solana : Solana's high throughput and low transaction costs have made it a preferred blockchain for IDO Launchpads, offering a seamless experience for project launches and token sales.


Avalanche : Avalanche's sub-second transaction finality and scalable network have attracted IDO Launchpads looking for fast and efficient token sales.


Terra : Terra's stablecoin ecosystem and DeFi offerings have led to the emergence of IDO Launchpads leveraging its blockchain for fundraising events.


Cardano : Cardano's emphasis on scalability, sustainability and secure smart contracts positions it as an upcoming contender for IDO Launchpads, attracting interest from projects and investors alike.

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Business Benefits of IDO Launchpad in Multichain

The IDO Launchpad in Multichain presents a win-win scenario, offering projects the means to raise capital and grow while providing investors with diverse and promising investment opportunities in the thriving world of blockchain technology.


Access to Capital

For blockchain projects, the IDO Launchpad provides a streamlined and efficient way to raise capital. By conducting token sales on the Launchpad, projects can attract funding from a global pool of investors, unlocking resources to fuel their development and growth.


Global Exposure

IDO Launchpads offer projects exposure to a broad and divers community of investors. This goals reach increases the visibility and potential adoption of the project opening doors to new partnerships and opportunities.


Community Building

IDO Launchpads foster community engagement and support. By involving supporters in projects selection and decisions-making processes, projects can build a strong and committed community, creating advocates and brand ambassadors.


Liquidity and Trading Opportunities

After the token sale, listed tokens become tradable on various exchanges, providing liquidity for investors and enabling them to buy, sell or participate in fuhrer decentralized finance opportunity.


Lower Barriers for Investors

IDO Launchpads equalize investment opportunities by reducing barriers to entry for both projects and investors. This inclusivity fosters a more accessible and open investment landscape.


Regulatory Compliance

Many IDO Launchpad prioritize regulatory compliance, ensuring that projects meet necessary legal requirements. This compliance safeguards the interests of both projects and investors, providing a secure and compliant environment for fundraising.

Comprehensive IDO Launchpad in Multichain Solutions

Our IDO Launchpad in Multichain Services offer secure and transparent platforms for decentralized fundraising. They curate high-quality projects, engage the community and provide smart contract development, liquidity solutions and compliance support for investors. With multichain interoperability, these services empower projects and investor with diverse opportunities in the blockchain space.

Token Sale Hosting
IDO Launchpads provide a platform for blockchain projects to host their token sales securely efficiently. Utilizing smart contracts on Multichain, the Launchpad ensures transparent an tamper-proof token distribution process.
Project Evaluation and curation
IDO Launchpad often conduct through evaluations of projects before listing them. This curation process help ensure that only high-quality and promising projects are presented to investors.
Liquidity Solution
Some IDO Launchpads offer liquidity solutions for token post-token sale, helping projects list on exchanges and providing investors with opportunities for trading and participation in decentralize financial ecosystem.
Smart Contract Development
Expertise in smart contract development is a vital service offered by IDO Launchpads. Well-audited and secure smart contracts are essential for conducting token sales and ensuring the safety of investors funds.
Investor Support and KYC/AML Compliance
Launchpad often facilitate investors support and ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, safeguarding the interests of all participants.
Security Audits
IDO Launchpad prioritize security and may offer auditing services to ensure the safety and reliability of smart contracts and token sake processes.

Our IDO Launchpad in Multichain Process


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