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Tan θ, We specialize in creating immersive 3D spaces by utilizing cutting-edge techniques like 3D visualization, 3D reconstruction and interoperability components. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of your metaverse project and provide your users with an immersive and persistent virtual world to explore.

We are experts in building customizable avtars for metaverse enterprises focused on gaming, real estate, education, NFT trading and more. We create and integrate hyper-realistic 3D space into your project for a realistic metaverse experience.

Why Choose Tan θ for Building Metaverse 3D Virtual Spaces

The emergence of the metaverse has brought about a new era of virtual reality and it has given hope to people who have differing opinions on several pre-pandemic norms in the post-pandemic world. As a business, building metaverse 3D spaces is an innovative way to stay relevant and accelerate change to lead the future. By creating a virtual world, businesses can limit the burden of managing physical locations while providing a unique and immersive experience for users.

The usage of blockchain technology in metaverse 3D spaces provides an additional layer of security and trust to users. Concerns regarding data privacy violations can be mitigated as blockchain technology ensures that data is immutable and secure. The potential benefits of building metaverse 3D spaces for businesses are vast and varied and there are numerous options available for enterprises to leverage these modern technological marvels. By building a 3D virtual space in the metaverse, businesses can tap into a new market and offer innovative products and services that align with the virtual world's characteristics.

Stantout Features Metaverse 3D Spaces We Innovate

We focus on innovating and integrating various elements to create engaging and immersive 3D spaces. Some of the key elements we incorporate are:



These virtual representations help users to indulge themselves in the virtual worlds in various forms according to the application of the metaverse environment.


Offline Message

People can convey messages to offline users through unique features that will reflect on the user’s portal once they log into the metaverse 3D world.


Chat Option

Portals for chatting inside 3D spaces allow users present in proximity to interact with one another through text, audio and video to enrich socializing.



Custom-made 3D environments play a vital role in these virtual worlds, because they are the base for a business using metaverse technology based on any industry.

Steps of Our Metaverse 3D Space Development Process



The first step is to have a clear understanding of the concept and objective of the 3D space. It involves defining the purpose, target audience and user experience.



The next step is to design the 3D space including the layout, architecture and overall aesthetic. This step involves creating sketches, 3D models and graphic designs.



Once the design is finalized, then the actual development of the 3D space can begin. It involves coding, programming and integrating various elements like graphics, sound and animation.



After the development is complete, thorough testing is necessary to ensure that the 3D space is functioning as intended. This step involves identifying and fixing any bugs, glitches or issues that may arise.



Once testing is complete, then the 3D space can be launched publicly. It involves making it accessible on various platforms and devices, as well as promoting it to the target audience.



Finally, ongoing maintenance and updates are necessary to keep the 3D space functioning optimally and to incorporate new features and content. This step involves monitoring user feedback and making necessary changes to enhance the user experience.

Types of Metaverse 3D Space Development Offered by Our Company

Explore our comprehensive range of Metaverse 3D space development solutions, including virtual world creation, immersive environments, and interactive experiences.

Virtual conferences and events

The companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to hold virtual conferences and eventss that allows participants to engage with each other in an immersive environment.

Virtual showrooms

Businesses can create virtual showrooms for their products that allows clients to view and interact with products in a virtual environment.

Virtual training environments

Metaverse 3D spaces can be used to create virtual training environments for employees or clients, that makes training more engaging and interactive.

Virtual classrooms

Schools and universities can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual classrooms, which allowing students to attend classes and interact with each other in a virtual environment.

Virtual real estate tours

Real estate companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual tours of properties that is allowing potential buyers to view and explore properties remotely.

Virtual museums

The museums can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual exhibits, which is allowing visitors to explore exhibits from the ccomfort of their own home.

Virtual art galleries

The artists and galleries can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual galleries thatb allows art enthusiasts to view and interact with artwork in a virtual environment.

Virtual concerts

Metaverse 3D spaces is allowing fans to attend live performances in a virtual environment, which can help musicians and bands to host virtual concerts through utilizing metaverse 3D spaces.

Virtual trade shows

The companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual trade shows, it is allowing its attendees to view and interact with products and services in a virtual environment.

Virtual team-building activities

The companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual team-building activities that allows its employees to engage with each other in a fun and immersive environment.

Virtual weddings

Couples can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual weddings, which is allowing their friends and family to attend and celebrate in a virtual environment.

Virtual product launches

Companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to launch new products, which is allowing their clients to explore and interact with products in a virtual environment.

Virtual job fairs

Companies can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual job fairs, which allows job seekers to explore job opportunities and interact with recruiters in a virtual environment.

Virtual healthcare consultations

Healthcare providers can use Metaverse 3D spaces to conduct virtual consultations with patients, because it is allowing for more convenient and efficient healthcare services.

Virtual sports events

Sports teams and organizations can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual sports events, so that it is allowing fans to attend and engage with live sports events in a virtual environment.

Virtual fashion shows

Fashion designers and brands can use metaverse 3D spaces to host virtual fashion shows, it is allowing fashion enthusiasts to view and interaction with fashion collections in a virtual environment.

Virtual social clubs

Communities and social clubs can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual meeting places, which it is allowing members to conversation with each other in a virtual environment.

Virtual tourist attractions

Tourist attractions and destinations can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual tours and experiences. It is allowing visitors to explore and engage with attractions remotely, which can help them to advertise or get more clients.

Virtual art installations

Artists and librarians can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual art installations, it is allowing art enthusiasts to view and interact with artwork in a virtual environment.

Virtual theme parks

Theme parks and attractions can use metaverse 3D spaces to create virtual rides and experiences, which is allowing visitors to view and enjoy theme park experiences in a virtual environment.

Our Approach Build Metaverse 3D Space Development

In the post-pandemic world, the metaverse has given hope to many people with differing opinions on pre-pandemic scales. Building metaverse 3D spaces can help businesses to stay relevant and prepare for the future. These virtual spaces also reduce the burden on ventures in managing their businesses.

The use of blockchains in metaverse 3D space development simplifies things, because it addresses concerns regarding user data violations. There are a vast number of options available for businesses to explore using these spaces, which is making them accessible to almost any enterprise that wants to take advantage of these modern technological marvels.

Trending Features

  • > 3D Visualization
  • > 3D Reconstruction
  • > Interoperability
  • > Customizability
  • > Photorealism
  • > Spatial Voice
  • > Frictionless Movement
  • > Scalability


3D Visualization

Our Metaverse 3D Space Development service leverages the latest 3D visualization techniques to create immersive and engaging virtual environments.

What Sets Us Apart in Metaverse 3D Space Development

Here are some reasons why someone should choose our services:



Our team consists of experienced developers and designers who have extensive knowledge of metaverse development. We can help you to create a unique and customized metaverse that meets your specific needs.



We understand that every client has different requirements and we strive to provide tailored solutions that meet those needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and we create a metaverse that aligns with their vision.



We are constantly exploring new technologies and trends in the industry to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve. We incorporate cutting-edge features into our metaverse development and we are providing users with an engaging and immersive experience.


Quality Assurance

We have a strict quality assurance process to ensure that our metaverse development meets the highest standards. We test every aspect of the metaverse completely before launch to ensure that it is bug-free and runs smoothly.


client Support

We provide ongoing client support to ensure that our clients' metaverse runs smoothly after launch. We are always available to answer any questions or solve any concerns that may arise in future.


Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our metaverse development services, which is providing clients with value for their money. We work with clients to create a budget that suits their needs while still delivering a high-quality product.

We are Partnering With


Top Blokchains for Metaverse 3d Space Development Company

As an experienced Metaverse development company, we offer you Metaverse creation services to integrate multiple DeFi functionalities. We also ensure to stay true to all Web3 ethics so that your NFTs can work for a long time. Get in touch with us to begin working on your new NFT project.


Our partnership with Polygon helps to provide network support for client projects.


Our experts offered development support for Shell’s digital solutions.


We developed an NFT marketplace selling various digital assets for the firm.


We built an app to automate supply chain solutions between various end users.


We created a blockchain solution for a superapp with multiple functionalities.


We created a blockchain-based system to govern the firm’s supply and logistics.


Globant’s featureful music NFT marketplace “Enigma” was created by our experts.


Our team built “Trufin”, an options trading platform based on blockchains.

We Spotlighted In


Business Benefits of Metaverse 3D Space Development

Metaverse Avtar Development offers many benefits for businesses to take an advantage of new-age technological advancements.


360 Degree View

Firstly, the Metaverse Avtar Development Platform offers an immersive experience with its AR and VR technologies, it is providing a 360-degree view range.



Secondly, the platform offers easy customization options, which is allowing users to create their own avtars and virtual worlds.



Thirdly, the platform features proximity-based voice chat and it is creating a realistic communication experience based on the user's distance from other speakers.



Fourthly, the platform emphasizes movement realism that incorporating life-like gestures, expressions and postures, creating photorealistic avtars.



Most importantly, the Metaverse Avtar Development Platform enables different virtual worlds to interact with each other, sharing data and content with ease.


seamless movement

Finally, the platform allows smooth and frictionless movements with human motion data that depicts real-person movements more realistically, avoiding lags and glitches.

Comprehensive Metaverse Avtar Development Solutions

We build metaverse experiences in a similar approach like we have built hundreds of other successful products over the years - using agile methodology that efficiently delivers the products fit for your business needs.

This step involves brainstorming and ideating the concept for the NFT avtar. It could involve deciding on the design, features and functionality of the avtar.
Design and development
Once the concept is finalized, the next step is to design and develop the NFT avtar, which could involve creating 3D models, animations and other visual elements to bring the avtar to life.
Integration with the blockchain
In order to turn the NFT avtar into a non-fungible token, it needs to be integrated with a blockchain platform like Ethereum. This step involves creating a smart contract that defines the rules and properties of the NFT.
Minting the NFT
After the smart contract is created, the NFT avtar is minted and added to the blockchain. It creates a unique, one-of-a-kind digital asset that can be bought, sold and traded like any other cryptocurrency.
Marketing and distribution
Once the NFT avtar is minted, then it needs to be marketed and distributed to potential buyers. It could involve creating a marketplace where people can buy and sell NFT avtars, as well as promoting the avtar on social media and other online channels.
Maintenance and updates
As with any digital product, NFT avtars may require maintenance and updates over time. It could involve fixing bugs, adding new features or updating the design to keep up with changing trends and technologies.

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