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Tan θ Software Studio is a specialized company in development of the game and also by using deentralized technologies like blockchain, smart contract and NFTs. It provides permission to more connective, amazing and interactive gaming experience and new opportunities to get participated.

Web3 game development provides many services consisting game design,development, testing, deployment, marketing and game support.This services helps you in making a secure, fair and more compatible game that meets the requirements of present players.And this all services that are provided by a web3 game development company and differ based on its expertise, abilities and in-depth knowledge.Nevertheless, lots of companies provides a wide varieties of services that can ultimately helps users to take back their game to real-world.If you are serious and confident about creating a web3 game then with us it would be a amazing way to start.

Why Choose Tan θ For Web3 game Development

We have proper and enough understanding of the regulations of the blockchain and smart contracts.We provide you help in developing a game that is safer and biased with the help of latest and new technologies so that we may ensure that users game is secure and compatible.We also have enough resources in order to bring users vision to real life.

In order to make the game experience much reliable we help you to develop a game more compatible and much affordable than any otheer because we provide users a competitive pricing and we know your budget.We ensure you that we are much flexible and scalable in creating a game for the users to improve the users experience.We are easy to reach to fulfill users need and that is why we are very simple to communicate with us.If you were finding this type of services then you may contact to us.

Standout Features Of Web3 Game development

As web3 game development provides many more services and feature to the users because this technology is made on the blockchain which is decentralized system and therefore it provides many crucial feature and some of them are listed below:.



With the help of in-game assets like characters and any other such items then they can trade these tokens to many other players or even take to other games in order to provide them great user experience and may change their storyline and graphics of the game according to the content they need and are comfortable with.



The clear and transparent records of all the games data are stored on the blockchain and that ultimately means that the players can be confident that the games are fairly organized and their transactions are much safer.All the transactions that have taken place on the network are recorded by the blockchain technology which is a public database.



Web3 games are more compatible then the traditional games.With the help of blockchain technology that powers Web3 games is generally same across the games so that players can move their in-game items within the different games and may also connect with each other in a unique ways.



In this feature the players may awarded for their preparation in the web3 game by taking help with in-game currency or through NFTs and helps to motivate players to contribute to the game development and also in-game currency may be used to buy items and some updates and improvement in the game.

Steps Of Our Web3 game Development Process


Innovate ideas

Generate those ideas which are both creative and feasible according to yopur game and this consists of brainstorming varieties of games mechanics and storylines and even it is very crucial to keep in mind that what kind of experience the users are finding out.


Design your game

Whenever the game idea is been set then you have to create a in-detailed document of design.This documents can border the games graphics and art style. It may also consists of the budget and even timeline of your game project


Develop your game

The development platform is the pplace where the game is ready to built. This involves programming the game,creating the art style, and implementing the gameplay graphics in order to make sure that your game has all the necessary elements to complete the game development.


Test your game

As in the above step the game is developed then now it should be completely tested and therefore it also consists of playing the game multiple times and finding for any bugs and errors. It is also crucial to get reviews from a group of fresh testers to see how they like the game.


Launch your game

Whenever the game is tested and approved, it is ready to be launched. This involves making the game available to users with the range of channels like app stores and online marketplaces. It is also essential to advertise the game to generate interest from players.


Maintenance of game

As the game is launched then it is necessary to maintain it on an on-process related. This consists of fixing any bugs that are found, adding new content, and updating the game's graphics. It is also crucial to keep the game's community busy by giving them new content and events.

Types of Web3 game Development Offered by Our Company

In order to meet the diverse needs of the businesses and creators,our company gives different types of Web3 games to fulfill it and therefore web3 games we provide are:.

Play-to-earn (P2E) games

By playing this type of games they gives permission to users to earn cryptocurrency and many other rewards for playing.This games are famous because it provides money to earn for the players.For example Axie Infinity, the Sandbox and Gods Unchained.

NFT-based games

This Games uses NFTs to face in-game items like charactyers and weapons and gives permission to players to own and trade these items.For example CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAQs)

These are those organization which can work their members without central authority.This DAOs are generally use to make decisions about the game development and some of the most famous games consists of Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Metaverse games

These games are kind of virtual world in which players can get connected with each other and with atmosphere and therefore metaverse games are always develop on the blockchain technology like Sandbox and Somnium space.


This game name is used in order to describe the connection of gaming and finance and this games are combination of the elements of P2E and NFTs.

Social impacts

This games provides and gives a positive development on the earth.For example social impact games which are designed to grow awareness about the environmental causes..

Gamefeild learning

Gamefeild learning is a type of game-depended learning which is used to learn the players to improves skill and new information and can be a best way to get interact and engage in making learning more fun.

Collaborative games

This game is designed in such a way that many players who are working together to achive same goal and this type of a game can be proved to be best way to develop teamwork and increases communication skills.

Competition-based games

its depressed the players against each other in order to increase their skills by competing with each other and can be a top way to see how players can show their best gameplay.

Story-driven games

This games are developed with a story in order to tell users through the gameplay and this story-driven game can be a best way to get experienced a new world with full of reality stories and also of imaginative stories.

Sandbox games

These games gives permission to the players to make their own content and experiences of the game on what kind of games they are interested.Sandbox games can be a good way to be imaginative and express themself.

Strategy games

These games need those players who can make strategic decisions to win.Strategy games may be a best way to test your problem-solving skills.

Tactical games

Tactical games need those players who are able to make fast decisions in order to win.Tactical games can work as a best way to improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Action games

Action games need players to use their reflexes and skills to accompplish the challenges.This games can be a better way to get some exercise and have some fun and entertainment.

Adventure games

Adventure games are designed in order to take some players on an adventure and this games can work as a best way to explore ;latest worlds and can meet new characters and in-game items.

Puzzle games

In order to progress, this games need players to solve puzzles and this puzzle games may be a best way to improve users problem-solving skills.

Card games

This card games are those games where players play this with a deck of cards and may work as a better way to challange players freinds and family.

Board games

This games are generally played on a board by the players and can work as a best way to spend time with the near and dear ones that is freinds and family.

Casino games

This games are designed and develop to be played for the money by the players and this games are some times addictive too but this casino games can work as best way to test te players luck.

Sports games

This games are develop in order to come a virtual world of real-world sports and this sport-games are also a best way to active and can have some fun.

Our Approach In Web3 game Development Services

we work and provide those services which helps us in meeting the specific needs and requirements of the businesses and creators of the game and therefore on the basis of our deep understanding of the blockchain technology as well as gaming development industry and helps users to make both innovative and connective that offers a truly different gaming experienced for the players.

Web3 games can serve the users as a best company because of the number of services they provide in order to make a new games that are truly important and meaningful.Some of the services whoich our company mainly focuses on are Innovation, Engagement and sustainability for the better experience of the users.And always wanted to create a game which is profitable for both developers and players.

However, We also understand that the most thing to keep focus on is gamepplay and so for that we help you in making a game which is fun to play and provides players a challenges and opportunities to be a part of and therefore if you are looking for a Web3 game development company which can help you to create and develop innovative,attractive and profitable or reliable for both developers and players then we may motivate you to join us.

Trending features

  • > Secure
  • > Transparent
  • > Fun
  • > Engaging
  • > Monetizable
  • > Community
  • > Ownership
  • > Innovative



We use blockchain to secure players assets and prevent theft and fraud. This means that players in-game items are safe and cannot be taken away from them.

What Sets Us Apart in Web3 game Space

Due to our unique combination of expertise,passion and experience makes us leading provider of Web3 game development and many other reasons.


We are experts in blockchain technology

We are constantly researching new ways to use blockchain technology in games and have in-depth knowledge of game development and therefore we are experts in the latest trends in Web3 game development.


We are creative and innovative

We always look for new trends and innovative ideas to use blockchain technology in a different ways in games and therefore we believe that blockchain can revolutionize the gaming industry and always ready to help our clients to develop best games.


We our passionate about gaming

As we make games very attractive and that is why are passionate about creating games which are both fun and interactive to the players and belive that blockchain technology can grow the gaming industry with web3 game development.


We are a team of experienced developers

We have group of a team which are very skilled and experts in the technolgy of Web3 blockchain game development and in game development and are committed in developing high-performance games that are both fun and safer for the players.


We are community-oriented company

We believe that gaming industry are the integral and important part of making the structure of any game and are working with the community to develop games that are fun and interactive for everyone with the help of Web3 metaverse game development also.


We are always learning and growing

As a company we are always indeed growing and developing constantly in order to learn more about the games with the help of latest and new trends in web3 gaming. We always look for to improve the game to increase the gaming experience of the players.

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Top Blockchains For The Web3 Game development

We can show you the best and most famous blockchains to find out the best one for your Game development project and with the help of deep research we may meet the both business goals and other needs for your project and many are listed below.


Ethereum (ETH):Ethereum is the most famous blockchain for the Web3 game development and is also well-structured platform with a large community of developers.It has almost many varieties of different tools and libraries available for game developers.


Solana (SOL):Solana is the newest blockchain which is taking popularity for the Web3 game development and is also known for its high-performance output and very fastb reaction and makes it example for the other games that needs fast and extensive gameplay.


Axie Infinity :It is blockchain depended game that has now become one of the most famous in the world and it is a play-to-earn game that means that the players can earn real-life money by just playing games and is also build on the ethereum blockchain.


Polygon :Polygon is a 2-layer solutions for ethereum blockchain and provides faster and cheaper transactions than ethereum and also example for the games which needs large number of transactions.


Wax :It is specially design for gaming purpose only and therefore it even provides fast and safer transactions as well as variety of features and services such as in-gamke items and trading..


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) :Binance smart chain technology is a blockchain which is highly compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and means that it also works on ethereum based games and makes it a best choice for those games which needs lot of transactions.


Tezos :It is a blockchain which is mainly known for its flexibility and adoptability and makkes a great choice for the games which needs a lot of transactions or need updates frequently.


EOS :EOS is a blockchain that is designed to be flexible and very efficient and makes a good choice for games which needs multiple platers or to control lots of transactions.

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Business Benefits of Web3 Games development

As web3 games are still in early stages but it is continued to develop and also power to change the gaming industry and therefore we cn expect to visualize more benefits for the game developers.


Ownership and control

Players own their in-game assets, which means they can do whatever they want with them. They can sell them to other players, use them to play the game, or even keep them as combine.



All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which means they are transparent and can be viewed by anyone. This makes it more difficult for game developers to cheat players or steal their assets.



Players can trade and sell their in-game assets, which gives them a sense of ownership and control over the game. This can make them more engaged in the game and more likely to play for longer periods of time.



Web3 games can be monetized in a variety of ways, including through the sale of in-game assets, the sale of advertising, and the sale of any subscriptions. This can provide game developers with a more reliable and profitable business model.



Web3 games can make strong communities around the games, as players can interact with each other and with the game developers on a decentralized platform. This can help to build a loyal following for the games and it can also help to promote the games to a wider users.



Web3 games may be more innovative than past games, as they can take advantage of the different features of blockchain technology. For example Web3 games can be used to create games that are more clear and more secure.

Comprehensive Web3 game development Services

The positive growth of this new emerging technology of the web3 games where players can own their in game tokens that means they can buy and trade them with different players with the hel[ of number of services and features which are given by the web3 gaming technology with the help of the platform called blockchain technology like players have more control over their in-game items, make the games more clear and secure or create ney ways to make unique content and build stronger communities around the games for the players.No matter what type of game you want to create, you shopuld have enough and deep knowlegde of blockchain technology and therefore if you are interested in learning and then developing more about the web3 game development then you may contact us.

Game design and development
This offers in creating a game both innovative and attractive which gives a unique gaming experience to the players and also during their gameply.
Integration of blockchain
This helps in integrating games in a way that is secure and as well as user-freindly for the players with the help of blockchain technology.
Tokenization of in-game assets
We digitalize in-game assets like charcters and weapons so that they can be allowed to be owned and traded by players and also adds a new layer of gameplay to the game.
Smart contract development
This services allows to govern the ownership and transfer of in-game assets and ensure it is safer and fair and gives permission to the users to get connected with the game.
Creation of NFTs
This service allows the players to own their in-game items in very secure and reliable way and gives permission to trade their assets with each other.
Marketing and promotion of game
With the help of different marketing and promoting ways like social media and paid advertising to a global audience and also work with the influencers and streamers to promote their games.

Data Insights of Our Capabilities


Total Experience

7+ Years


Investment Raised for Startups

24+ Million USD


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Global Presence

12+ Countries


Client Retantion

98 %

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