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Oura time, maximizing your efficiency and minimizing distractions.

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Startup provides you a slash through the jungle of information overload and clear a path to laser-focused action. Whether you are a student battling assignments, a freelancer juggling clients or just anyone tired of information overload. Join us on this quest for digital mastery in this Stackup app.












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Privacy by Design and Transparency by Choice

At Stackup, we try to understand your all concerns about data privacy and security. That is why team build's app with two guiding principles that is privacy and transparency of users.

Imagine an architect building a house with security walls, alarma and hidden safe rooms from the ground up. Every feature, every code line, every design in this Stackup is made with your privacy in mind and we minimize data colllection and give you absolute control.

We believe in open communication and straight forward in the discussions which provides you complete control over your privacy settings. Choose what information you share and easily download or delete it whenever you want so join us in this quest to build webapp like Stackup.

Our Process


Planning Blueprints

Will craft you a clear vision for this webapps


Design Delights

Prioritize user experience and accessiblity


Coding Development

Build the webapps foundation and features using technologies


Testing and Tweaking

Engage users in testing and refinement

Tan θ's Development Journey with Stackup App

Stackups was not just about lists and timers and it empowered our team to collaborate like never before. Shared stacks kept everyone on the page, instantly visible progress a constant motivator.

Seamless integrations with Slack and Google Calender turned workflow into a smooth symphony. Communication barriers crumbled and deadlines became milestones we achieved together. It also gave us the tools, the focus and the fellowship to turn chaos into control.

Join Tan θ on a transformative development journey with the Stackup app as we are streamlined, efficient machine, a testament to the power of a great app in the right hands.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Stackup App

Welcome to Stackup, where our app goes beyond the ordinary to offer fundamental benefits that redefine your digital experience. At the core of stackups functionality are several key advantages designed to empower users in managing their digital lives effectively.

Effortless Search

Streamline the information jungle

Stackup gathers them into neat, organized stacks, think digital fling cabinets with superpowers. Each stack becomes a laser-focused battleground, letting you know conquer one challenge at a time without distractions. Its like having a tidy desk in your head but way cooler.

Reliable and Trusted

Boost your productivity engine

This is a productivity powerhouse equipped with ninja-worthy tools. Set timers like a countdown clock, prioritize tasks like a strategist and track your progress like a gamer checking XP points. Visualizations is key, see your workload laid out like a battle map with Kanban boards with the promodoro technique.

Seamless Transactions


Stackup brings peace to teamwork and shared stacks keep everyone on the same page, visible progress a constant motivator. Integrations with Stack and google calender mean workflows flow like a well-oiled machine. No more commuications chaos, just deadlines reached togethe, high fives all around.

Community Empowerment

Your data, Your fortress

Data privacy is serious business and Stackup takes it seriously too and we encrypt everything, respect your choices and give you complete control over what you share and with whom. Think of it as a high-tech vault for your information, guarded by digital samurai. Peace of mind and laser focus, the perfect combo for productivity mastery.

Our Project Challenges

Building a Productivity Fortress against time bandits

With time bandits, those mischievous creatures who snatch away our minutes and hours with the glee of playground bullies. Our challenge is to break thois scattered brain cycle, offering a haven of focus where users can corral their tasks and conquer them one by one. Imagine Stackup as a digital fortress, walls built from organizations and focus keeping the time bandits at bay and letting users reclaim their stolen hours.

We face the challenge of slaying this dragon by offering tools and strategies that keep users motivated and engaged. This includes features like customizable timers, progress tracking that sparks a sense of accomplishment and even playful gamification elements.

Fostering collaboration without cacophony

Second challenge lies in creating a space where teamwork thrives without devolving into cacophony. Wants to avoid the pitfalls of scattered communication, missed deadlines and duplicated efforts. Imagine a digital whiteboard where everyone can see the battle plan, their individual roles and the progress being made.

Shared stacks in stackup are exavtly that which enables seamless collaboraion on projects and integrating tools like real-time chat and mentions to keep everyone on the same page and avoid the dreaded communication breakdown. Imagine as a harmonious orchestra, where each instrument contributes to the melody, guided by a clear conductor.

Starting at US $ 4000

What exactly is Stackup and what does it do?

Stackup is a revolutionary app designed to help users manage and track their digital activities. Essentially, it ats as a comprehensive tool that monitors and categprize the time you spend online. By integrating with your web browser and various digital platofrms, stackup tracks the time you spend on different websites and applications.

This app then provides you with insightful data, vreaking down your online activities into categories like work, learning, entertainment and more. This way users gain a clear understanding of how they allocate their digital time, promoting self-awareness and promoting healthier online habits.

How can Stackup benefit me in managing my digital life?

Stackup offers several benefits to users seeking to manage their digital lives effectively. Firstly, it provides valuable insights into your online behaviour, allowing you to findout patterns and make informed decisions about how you spend your time.

Additionally, stackup promotes a sense of community by allong users to connect with friends and share achievements. By promoting a healthy balance between work, learning and liesure, Stackup empowers users to take control of their digital habits and create a more mindful online experience.

Is my data safe and secure with Stackup?

Yes, your data security is a top priority for Stackup and this app operates with a strong commitment to user privacy and all data is encrypted to ensure that personel information remains secure. Stackup adheres to strict privacy policies and does not sell or share your data with thrid parties.

Users have complete control over what data they choose to share and the app is designed with robust security measures to protect your information. You can use Stackup with confidence with us, knowing that your privacy is a fundamental aspect of the apps design and functionality.

Can Stackup be customized to suit my individual preferences?

Absolutely, stackup is designed with flexibility in mind and users can customize their experience by setting specific goals, adjusting tracking preferences and categorizing their digital activities according to their unique needs.

This app also allows you to scale notifications and reminders, ensuring that stackup integrates seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you want to focus on work-related tasks, limit social media usage or enhance your learning activities, Stackup can be personalized to align with your individual goals and priorities.

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I'm convinced that Tan θ deserves all the acclodes it has received so far. Confident that this team will scale great hei I'm convinced that Tan θ deserves all the acclodes it has received so far. Confident that this team will scale great heights very soon.

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