Fractional NFT Marketplace Development 

Walk toward the ownership of the future with our Fractional NFT Marketplace Development services. Our platform transforms investment accessibility, allowing users to share the whole high-value NFT assets by buying a fraction of it. Make your trading of NFT fractions a breeze and offer access to all investors without discrimination. See the emergence of a share economy where buying each fraction reveals huge possibilities to the investors. Take this opportunity and use digital assets to invent the future of ownership today.


Why Choose Tanθ For Fractional NFT Marketplace Development?

Tanθ leads the innovative effort of fractional NFT development by the frontend edge position. Our proprietary platform provides a smooth journey, granting investors access to an elite class of assets easily and efficiently. Looking to a more inclusive future, we are allowing investment of investment to all users, regardless of their background. Our advanced technology guarantees the security of their money and the transparency of the processes, this contributes to the trust of the community in us. Adopt the Color of Tanθ for NFT fractionalization driving towards a farsighted consideration where each investment expands the universe of digital assets.

Our Fractional NFT Marketplace Development Services

Fractional NFT Consultancy
We provide clients with expert advice in which they are properly supported as they go through the fractional NFT space and so they are fully empowered to make their asset allocation strategies and to make informed decisions.
Payment Gateway Integration
We provide clients with diverse methods of option payment that are in line with their needs through integrating with our platform which mitigates the transaction experience by ensuring a smooth sail marketplace.
Fractional NFT Marketplace Design
We generate exciting and graphical displays for NFTs fractionalized trading which are designed as a gateway for asset ownership journeys.
NFT Fractionalization and Minting
Our customers leverage the safe and efficient fractional NFT minting procedure to fractionalize their physical assets into digital collectibles, making such rare assets available for more people to access.
Blockchain Integration
We implement blockchain mechanisms to increase the transparency and deliver security of the platform that allows the fractional NFT ecosystem to run dependably creating confidence among our participants.
Support and Maintenance Services
Clients can continuously rely on our well-connected professionals who guarantee the smooth functioning and growth of the fractional NFT marketplace.

Standout Features for Fractional NFT Marketplace Development


Smart Contract Integration

The signing of secure contracts enables users to have transparency and trust in terms of transactions, asset ownership, and their interests.


Interoperable Blockchain Support

Compatibility between various blockchains scales up the accessibility, which encourages interconnectedness and a variety of ecosystems for fractional NFT trading.


Fractional Ownership Mechanism

Slicing NFTs into shares helps people with limited resources to invest, leveling the field by giving access to investments in high-value assets.


Decentralized Governance Framework

Providing the community with voting rights enables community-oriented decision-making this strengthens the effectiveness and fairness of the platform


Immutable Transaction Records

Immutable ledger entries ensure transparent and auditable transaction histories, which consequently guarantee that anyone can trust asset ownership


User-Friendly Interface

Implacable design and difficulty in navigation detract from user experience, thus lessening the number of users.


Automated Revenue Distribution

Automated revenue splitting facilitates the division of the profit among fractional NFT owners, thus guaranteeing trust and equity.


Robust Security Measures

Employing encryption and multi-factor authentication enables the protection of data and assets shared by users from cyberattacks.


Liquidity Provision Mechanism

To guarantee the liquidity of the pools, market makers achieve seamless trading and price finding that leads to market efficiency and stability.


Integration of DeFi Protocols

Integration of DeFi protocols, inherently, improves the financial ecosystem and makes provision for lending, borrowing, and yield farming options.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Smooth integration of web and mobile features strengthens the platform’s availability, allowing for different kinds of users.


Dynamic Pricing Mechanism

Employing dynamic pricing algorithms results in an increase in asset valuation which is a function of current market demand and mood.


Non-Custodial Wallet Integration

The user control and security is improved by the wallets' support for non-custodial storage, reducing the risk of losing your asset.


NFT Fractionalization Tools

In-built features help in fractionalizing the assets and easily encourage trading of the fraction.


Regulatory Compliance Framework

Compliance with regulatory frameworks eliminates compliance risk and further promotes investor trust.


Scalability and Performance Optimization

Optimized resource utilization and a growth-enabling platform with a robust infrastructure ensure the platform’s scalability and user engagement.

Types of Fractional NFT Marketplace Development Our Company Offers

Art and Collectibles

Users may be able to acquire fractional ownership of celebrated artworks and collectibles through NFTs.

Gaming Assets

Users can also jointly own and share media products and assets by using fractional NFTs as a form of ownership

Sports Memorabilia

Users can have a fractional ownership of authenticated sports memorabilia in the NFT market.

Luxury Goods

Individuals can allocate funds among themselves to purchase the NFTs of the top-range luxury goods as a fractional NFT.

Charitable Initiatives

Users can help chosen charitable causes through fractional ownership of NFTs that help towards the funding of the initiatives.

Virtual Real Estate

Users using fractional NFT development opportunities can own virtual property and land as co-owners.

Domain Names

Users can take advantage of the opportunity to buy high-quality domains using the NFT fractional ownership principle.

Film and TV NFTs

Users can build their library of iconic moments and memorabilia from movies and TV show.

Comics and Manga

Individuals can engage in digital comics and manga co-owning of artwork through fractional NFT development.

Virtual Events and Tickets

Users can jointly obtain the fractional NFT to participate in the virtual exclusive event and ticket through fractional NFT ownership.

Sports Moments

Customers will fractionalize their holdings on NFTs to own part of the unrepeatable sports moment through partial NFT investments.

Intellectual Property Rights

Users have an opportunity to cooperatively secure intellectual property rights and trade NFTs fractionally

Celebrity Endorsements

Users will be able to fellowship in the same digital ownership of celebrities' digital endorsements and interactions through fractional NFTs.

Digital Trading Cards

Users can invest even small money in trading cards that are digital and represent characters, athletes, etc. as fractional NFTs(NFTS).

Crypto and Blockchain Art

Users can take part in fractional ownership of innovative artworks related to crypto and blockchain.

Music and Entertainment

Users can accomplish this via the formation of collectives who own media and entertainment assets through fractional NFT creation.

Virtual Goods and Avatars

: Users can create avatars and own virtual goods as a collective by controlling NFT fractional development.

Tokenized Real Estate

People can get part ownership of real estate properties using NFT tokens that represent their shares.

Education and Courses

Users can get hands-on educational content through fractional NFT ownership.

Vintage and Historical Items

Users can become part-owners of vintage pieces and historical artifacts by investing in NFT whole fractions.

Workflow of Fractional NFT Marketplace Development?


User Registration

Sign up for a new account, confirm your identity, and set up a cryptocurrency wallet to become a participant of the Fractional NFT Marketplace.


Asset Verification

Submit an asset identification sheet for certification to enable the adequation of authenticity that will facilitate the placement of the asset among the various items in a crowd-sourced marketplace through NFT tokenization.


Listing Fractional NFTs

Take in a secured, iterable physical asset that is genuine, then fragment it into a digital form of NFTs, set their prices or terms, and then list them in the marketplace.


Fractional Ownership Auctions

Interested people can stake their guidelines for fractions of the NFTs. The successful bids at the end of the auction will be given selective ownership of the NFT in fractions.


Transferring Fractional Ownership

At the end of the auction, the contracts will be sent to the wallets of the winning bidders, in a way as evidence of the definite ownership shares in NFT.


Post-Sale Management

As the owner of fractional NFTs, additional control is in your hands, including listing them on the marketplace or investing them via the marketplace.

Our Approach For Fractional NFT Marketplace Development


  • > Innovative Fusion
  • > Empowering Fractional Ownership
  • > Uncompromised Transparency
  • > Enhanced Security
  • > Through Due Diligence
  • > User Education
  • > Tailor Investment Experience
  • > Pioneering Future


Innovative Fusion

Integrating breakthrough blockchain systems with conventional fractional NFT models, we aim to tip the scales of an efficient, digitalized marketplace.

Process We Follow for Fractional NFT Marketplace Development.


Market Analysis

In-depth studying of the market trends, the users’ behaviors, and business models of other similar businesses will lead to the creation of our marketplace which is matched in a way that satisfies the user needs and continues to win amidst rivalry.


Strategic Planning

Identifying the key points that will define the uniqueness of the marketplace and formulating its value propositions, listing all features required, and coming up with a strategy that will drive development and plan for future expansion.


Design and User Experience

Ensuring user engagement comes first, we develop an easy interface that allows people to use the service in a streamlined mode, making their buying and selling journey effortless and enjoyable.


Technical Development

Blockchain and smart contracts have been built into the system to make transactions of fractional NFTs secure and transparent. The structure uses an advanced platform with robust architecture for high throughput of fractional NFTs.


Quality Assurance

Delivering reliable and secure testing procedures that guarantee users a hitch-free operation regardless of their stage of interaction with fractional NFTs.


Launch and Iteration

After the launch, we keep evaluating the user feedback and market trends and then refine and improve the platform accordingly to make sure it is always responsive to the latest user demands and market trends

We are Partnered With

Top Blockchain Platforms For NFT Marketplace for Fractional Development


The basic instrument for Blockchain will be a smart contract platform, this will provide a fair background for the decentralized applications, and it is the foundation for a robust community of developers, and the entire ecosystem of projects.


: An NFT-powered interface, that engages various games and other services, is the big edge of Flow, also offers low fees and fast transactions to the usual public, which means that it is very easy to adopt it and is aimed to be very user-friendly.


The LUNA coin acts as evidence for presence, hence, chains need it to be consistent. Users can now easily purchase a game machine, which means that cross-chain transfers and any other scalable multi-chain operations are now possible.


Poses Sharding to Ethereum's blocks that would process bigger numbers of transactions in a short period, expanding Ethereum's scalability to support apps.


He focuses on sustainability on the networks, accurate research, and is self-assured and flexible with an advancement mechanism which is a consensus process for new node addition.


Offers a high speed coupled with instantaneous transactions combined with a novel consensus system, which can cope with a higher transaction volume and fast finalization.


Additionally, apart from imperceptible trading costs, fast speed, and the best decentralized applications design and creation, Solana makes the best cryptocurrency platforms and apps.


Autoself-amending blockchain, based on the forkless upgrade that not only early modernizes the governance but also provides significant improvements, improved governance, and long-term upgradability with a proof-of-stake model.

Business Benefits of Fractional NFT Marketplace Development


Increased brand visibility

Advance your brand by innovating fractional NFT Marketplace Development to allow many to get involved through asset accessibility.


New Revenue Streams

: Explore multi-channel income sources through fractional NFT Marketplace Development and being available to shared ownership opportunities.


Increased transparency

: Maintain trust through real-time auditable ownership records provided by the blockchain system NFT Marketplace Development.



Ensure a sense of assurance in transitioning markets by including the NFT Marketplace Development Featureusing fractional to represent digital assets.


Increased liquidity

Leverage fractional ownership opportunities for faster and easier asset liquidity via the NFT marketplace creation.


Lower costs

Optimize expense levels through efficient asset management and Fractional NFT Marketplace Development.

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