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February 3, 2024

Introduction to Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace service for short and long term rental houses. The company connects hosts to other people who find rental houses and apartments. The company acts like a broker.The platform service is secure communication, payment and features reviews for transparency. It transforms the way people travel, providing a popular alternative to traditional houses.


Airbnb is an online marketplace where people can rent out their house or room to travellers looking for temporary houses. Hosts are creating a list on Airbnb including photo, video, availability and pricing.Guests can browse through the list filter by location, price, requirement and other criteria to find houses that suit their needs. It has been popular because of its offer and often cheaper way to travel and stay in different places around the world.

b.History and Growth of Airbnb

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk in San Francisco, California.Airbnb was created by the help of the concept of “air bed and breakfast".In 2011, Airbnb reached a milestone of $1 million night booked, and by2012 the company raised notable funding, valuing it at over $1 bilion. The company focused on providing affordable houses for travellers. In 2021 Airbnb operated over 220 countries and regions worldwide. Nowadays, airbnb is a key platform with millions of listings worldwide connecting hosts and guests from around the world.

c.Mission and Goals

Airbnb's mission is to create a world where anyone can connect anywhere. Their aim is to connect people and create a sense of belonging by providing various and affordable homestay options and supporting hosts and communities.Promote community and connection:- airbnb build a global community where hosts and guests can connect and create meaningful connections.Increased trust and safety:- Trust and safety are key elements of the airbnb platform. Airbnb provides a variety of services between host and guest, such as verified profiles, secure payment system and users can provide feedback and review on their experience.

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Key Point of Airbnb

a.Peer to peer platform :- Airbnb is a platform that allows individuals to rent out their house, apartment, villa, and farmhouse to travellers for short term and long term conditions. It connected hosts and guests directly.

b.Global Reach :- Airbnb are in 220 countries and regions, providing a worldwide house network for travellers. It offers a different type of rate house available in airbnb such as luxurious villa, farm house and apartment.

c.Trust and Safety :- Trust and safety ensures a secure experience for users. Host and guest verified their identities. It also provides a secure payment system and 24/7 customer support team

d.User friendly Platform :- Airbnb provides a user friendly platform for hosts and guests. Hosts can create their property list, set their own price and communicate with potential guests.

e.Economic Opportunity :- Airbnb hase created economic opportunity for individuals and communities around the world. Hosts on airbnb allow hosts to set their own price. It is beneficial for hosts and can help to earn money for hosts.

f.Environment Consideration :-Airbnb has taken a step to environmental concerns by encouraging sustainable practice among host and guest. The platform encourages guests to stay in an eco-friendly environment.

How Does Airbnb Opeate?

Airbnb is an online platform where hosts list their houses for rent and guests can book their house for their stay.

User Registration :- Hosts and guests visit the Airbnb website or download applications and login if they don't have a registered user then provide required details such as your name, mobile number, email and password.

Terms and Conditions :- Accept airbnb terms of service and community guidelines.

Email and phone number verification :- Airbnb send you to confirmation mail and otp to confirm your registration and provide details.

Profile Setup :- Once your account is created, you will be able to set up your profile. Including profile picture, phone number verification, email verification and write bio.

Creation of listing by Hosts

You have an account, you can start the listing creation process.

i.listing details and information :- Hosts create a list and provide information about their place space, location, size, service, and house rules. Hosts also provide basic details like private room, sharad room, common area, kitchen and other services.Set house rules and availability.Provide your house rules and regulations guests should follow during their stay. Such as no smoking or alcohol.Calendar management Set minimum and maximum stay Safety and verification Airbnb provides various steps to increase trust and safety within the communities.Verification by:- email and phone number, Government id, Trusted connection, Cancellation policy.Hosts can choose different cancellation methods for the refund guests have received if they need to cancel their booking.The policy range is full refund if cancelled a few day before check-in and otherwise no refund if cancellation is coles to the check-in.

ii.Adding Photo and Description :- Hosts also upload high quality photos and other details to show their space and attract potential guests. It also provides information about their space and nearby attractions through the adding photo.The listing provides information about property and nearby attractions, places and anything that makes it attractive and unique to guests. Use paragraph break bullet points to make your description easier to read.

iii.Set Price and Availability :- Hosts set their own price and determine the availability of their house. And airbnb charges a service fee to guests for each booking.Hosts can provided different prices for night stay, weekly stay and monthly stay.

Searching and Booking House By Guest

i.Enter your search criteria :- On the airbnb enter your destination, travel date and the number of guests. You can also apply filters like house, price range and service as your requirement.

ii.View listening and photo :- List page you take a photo of the property. If you find a listing that interests you, then click on view more information. You will take the details.

iii.Reading Review and Rating :- You can read the reviews and ratings by previous guests. These reviews provide a detail about house and over guest experience.

iv.Contact Host and Process with Booking:- If you went to a reserve house then reserve through airbnb. Also if you have any query or need additional information about the listing you can contact hosts.

payment Process

i.Secure Payments and Processing Option :- When you reserve a house on airbnb then payment systems are controlled by airbnb. Guests provide information how to make payments such as credit card or upi on the airbnb website otherwise application.

ii.Cancellation Policy and Refunds :- Airbnb has different cancellation policy hosts can choose their apply policy. Cancellation policy and terms and conditions are also provided on the listing page after making a booking.

Check-In and Stay Experience

Check-In -Process :- Hosts will also provide details for guests how to check-in. Such as a parking arrangement, access area and key exchange.

Cooperation with the Host for check-in details :- After booking your house, send a message to the host for your information such as travel date, arrival time, check in time, check out time and date.

Accessing the property and service :- After check-in you will access the property such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living space, kitchen, parking access area and other facilities.

House rules and guidelines :- House rules such as no smoking, parties or events, maximum and minimum guests allowed to the stay and check-in and check-out times.

Service maintenance :- Service maintenance is required for during stay such as regular cleaning and if any issue or repairs during a stay then responsibility of host to the repair.

Rules during the stay :- Maintain noise levels:- Guests should control noise levels, maintain house rules, keep property clean and respect the neighbourhood.

Review and feedback :- After check-out guests should provide a review on their experience. This review and feedback help to other people

Type of house in Airbnb

1.Entire homes and apartments :- This type of house provides a home away from home. Guests have full privacy and enjoy their amenities such as bedroom, kitchen, balcony and living area. This option is helpful for groups of friends or families.

2.Private and shared rooms :- A shared room is helpful for families and private rooms are helpful for couples.

3.Villa/Farmhouse :- Villa and Farmhouse are a spacious and luxurious property. They provide a multiple rooms living area, swimming pool, indoor games and private gardens.

4.Cottage /cabin :- Cabins and cottages are located in rural and industrial areas. They provide bedrooms and living areas.

Cost of development app like Airbnb

1.Marketing Research and Analysis :- This phase is conducting market research, computer analysis. The cost for phase can vary depending on the research requirement range is $5000 to $10,000 or more.

2.UI/UX Development :- UI/UX is an important part of app development.The cost for design is based on complexity and the number of screens it ranges from $10000 to $30,000 and more.

3.Front-eEnd Development :- Front-end development cost depends on platforms such as iOS, android, and web. The cost for the front-end development range is $50,000 to $150,000 and more.

4.Backend Development :- Server side development, database management and API development are crucial components. The cost of backend development ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 or more.

5.Database and Infrastructure :- Set-up the database, hosting and infrastructure for the app to collect costs. The cost for databases and infrastructure range from $10,000 to $30,000 or more.

6.Development and Launch :- Launch and verify the app on app store cost range from $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

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App Development

There are two types of app development: mobile app and web app development. app are developed using different programing language and tools such as swift, java, kotlin, html, css,javascript, flutter C++, flutter and react native.

a.Front-End Development**

UI/UX Design :- Front end development is closely UI/UX design to create application design. They use html, css and java script to create visual effects and layout using mock up into code. UI designers consider factors such as a branding usability, accessibility and responsiveness to ensure that the interface is consistent, intuitive and easy to navigate.UX designer conduct user research, create user appearance and develop user flow and wireframes to plan the application’s structure

HTML Structure :- HTML is the standard markup language used for web app development. Front end developers use html to define structure. They ensure the proper use of html elements for better accessibility and SEO(search engine optimization.

CSS :- Css is a styling language used to target specific HTML elements. Css media queries are used for adjusting the layout styling based. It offers a powerful layout system like flexbox and css grid for creating flexible and responsive page layout.

Flutter :- Flutter is an open source open UI framework developed by google. It is used for programming languages and provides a set of pre-designed widgets for building visually appealing and performing a single code base for android and iOS apps.

React native :- React native provides a pre-build UI component that closely tracks native UI elements on both iOS and android platforms. React native uses JSX, a syntax extension for javascript, to describe the structure and layout of UI components.

Swift and Kotlin :- Swift is the primary specific language for building iOS apps, while kotlin is the preferred language for building android apps. These languages offer access to platform APis and libraries, allowing for native app development.

JavaScript :- Javascript is an important component of frontend development and plays a key role in enhancing the interactivity and functionality of web applications. It hendale user events and input, stores data on client side, supports front-end framework and Generates dynamic content.

b.Back-End Development :- There are many types of server side programming languages such as python, javascript, ruby, php, java, and Laravel.

Python :- A flexible and popular language known for its simplicity and readability. It is a successful ecosystem for third-party libraries and frameworks such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, django, flask and many more. At Tan θ, you can Hire Python Developers to build any app like Airbnb. is a cross-platform language, meaning that python code can run on various operating systems including windows macOS and Linax.

Ruby :- Ruby is for clean syntax and developer friendly environment. Ruby rubygems is a package manager that provides open-source libraries and frameworks that can be easily installed and used in ruby projects.

PHP :- PHP(Hypertext preprocessor) is a scripting language specifically designed for web development and it is mostly used for server side backend development to build dynamic and interactive applications. It provides a great standard library and large community- driven ecosystem of framework, libraries and extension.

JAVA :- Java is object oriented programming language and platform independence. Through the “Java Virtual Machine”(JVM) it allows java programs to run on any system that has a compatible JVM installed. This “Write once, run anywhere” capability makes Java highly portable. It is used in different domains such as web development, mobile app development, enterprise software scientific application, financial system and many more.

C# :- C# is developed by microsoft is an object-oriented language. Its syntax is designed to be easy to read and write and reduce error.

Framework and Libraries :- Framework and libraries in backend development are toolkits that help developers to build web applications more skillfully. There are many types of framework like Django, express.js, ruby on rails or laravel provide a structure and set of compacts that make it easier to organise code and build an expandable application.

Database Management :- Database management is a crucial part of app development without database app development is not possible. Relational database and NoSQL database is a type of database in relational databases such as MySQL, postgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL server are structured databases that arrange data into tables with predefined architecture. Backend development must ensure proper security measures for database management. This includes an authentication and authorization system to control access to the database, preventing sql injection attacks and encrypting sensitive data.

APIs(Application Programing Interface) :- Application programing interface play a crucial role in backend development they enable communication and data sharing with different software applications.three type of APIs RESTful APIs(REST),SOAP APIs(SOAP) and GraphQL APIs REST APIs are commonly used in web development, SOAP APIs use XML as the data format and provide a more structured and systemise approach to API design.

Testing And Debugging:- Debug is the process of identifying and flexing errors in the code. Testing is verifying the correctness, functionality performance and security of the application. testing and debugging ensure the application works as considered and delivers a reliable user experience.

What are the advantages of using Airbnb?

Flexibility and Amenities :- Airbnb provides flexibility in terms of check in and check out time allowing guests to adjust schedules more easily. Airbnb houses may offer additional services such as free Wi-Fi, parking space, swimming pools, fitness facilities and entertainment options and more.

Generating income by renting out extra sapce :- Hosts can rent out other space such as spare rooms, apartments, houses or other types of properties on airbnb for short and long term rentals.

Setting rental price :- Hoost have the freedom to set their own rental price based on factors such as location, property size, amenities and market demands. Airbnb also provides pricing suggestions based on similar listings in this area, helping hosts make informed decisions.

Reviews and reputation :- Review and reputation through increed guests significantly. Hosts who consistently provide excellent experience and service positive feedback are more likely to attract future guests and increase their income.

Cost Effective

Affordable Price :- Airbnb listings offer competitive prices compared to traditional hostels, spatially for long term duration or larger group.A family or group or friends can often find larger houses on airbnb at lower cost per person compared to booking multiple hotel rooms.

Special offer and Discounts :- Airbnb offer special promotion discount or last-minute deals that can future enhance the cost effectiveness of booking houses through the platform.

Additionally Cost Saving :- Airbnb property can also help guests save on other expenses. Some listings provide services like free parking, laundry service and Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

Home Away From Home :- Space and comfort:- airbnb provides more space and comfort compared to hotel rooms. Guests can enjoy the privacy and relaxation of an entire home or apartment with bedrooms, living area kitchens and outdoor space. Living like a local:- airbnb allows guests to live a local, experiencing a destination from a home perspective rather than a tourist one.

Safety and Security :- Guest and host verification:- airbnb has implemented identity verification to provide security for both hosts and guests. Hosts and guests provide government-issued identities. This helps establish trust and provide an added layer of security

Secure MessagingCcommunication System :- airbnb provides a messaging system for communication guests can directly communicate with hosts. Guests and hosts can communicate with the platform without having to share personal contact information until they feel comfortable doing so.

Easy booking process

Time and Effort Saving :- The booking process on airbnb is time and cost saving. The elements the need for lengthy phone calls or emails to inquire about availability and rates making the entire booking process quick and convenient.

Instant Confirmation :- Airbnb provides an intent booking option for many listings allowing guests secure their house immediately without host approval. The feature is particularly beneficial for last minute travellers or those who prefer a booking experience.

Real-time Availability :- Guest can easily view the available dates, compare options and make a reservation based on their travel plans.

24/7 support and community care:- the availability of 24/7 customer support contributes to the overall safety and security of the airbnb platform. In case of emergency, guests and hosts can reach out for immediate assistance.

Social Impact :- Guests directly contribute to the local economy and support individual hosts and small businesses. This aspect adds a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

How Blockchain can Affects Airbnb

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt Airbnb by increasing transparency, reducing fees, and enhancing trust. Smart contracts could streamline booking processes,while decentralized identity verification identity verification can improve security. Ultimately, blockchain innovation may reshape the sharing economy and redefine how can access accommodations

Smart Contracts :- Blockchain can smooth the use of smart contracts in the airbnb ecosystem. Smart contracts are pre-set contracts with the terms of the agreement which are directly written on code. This is an automated process such as booking, payment, and refund transaction and increases efficiency and transparency.

Decentralized Identity Verification :- Blockchain- based identity verification system can enhance the trust and security within the airbnb community. Hosts and guests can their identities verified on the blockchain reducing the risk of fraud listing or booking

Transparent Review and Rating: - Blockchain can provide a separated and set system for storing and verifying review and rating. Users can have more confidence in the review they read and make more informed decisions.

Peer-To-Peer Payments:- Blockchain technology can enable secure and instant peer-to-peer payment systems without the broker. It potentially reduces transaction fees and processing times associated with traditional payment methods. Alos host guests can directly pay hosts using cryptocurrencies or blockchain based payment systems.

Disintermediation:- By using blockchain technology, airbnb could potentially eliminate the need for intermediaries such as payment processor, bond service, or the platform in itself in certain cases.

Secure Data Management :- With blockchain, sensitive property and clint data can be stored securely using cryptographic technique. Blockchain distributed nature reduces the risk of data breaking or unauthorised access. Users can have more control over their personal information and granted permission for specific parties to access it to enhance data privacy and security.

Enhance Identity Verification :- Blockchain based identity verification can smooth the verification process for buyer, seller, and brokers. Users can have their identities verified and stored on the blockchain reducing the risk of identity fraud and improving trust.

Which Blockchain can be used App Like Airbnb

Ethereum :- Ethereum is a widely adopted blockchain platform known for its programmability and support for smart contracts. It provides a strong infrastructure for building decentralized applications(DApps) and executing smart contracts. Ethereum flexibility and developer community make it a popular choice for implementing blockchain solutions.

NEO :- NEO is another blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and decentralized application development. It offers quality features such as digital identity verification, secure and scalable transactions, and support for multi[ple programming languages.

Hyperledger Fabric :- Hyperledger fabric is a permission blockchain platform specifically designed for business application. It is a flexible architecture that allows for customisable mechanisms and privacy control. Its priority on privacy, scalability and permission access.

Stellar :- Stellar is a blockchain platform designed for fast cost and low cost transactions. It native support for issuing and transferring digital assets makes it suitable for implementing payment systems within broker apps like Airbnb application.

Challenges and Risks

Regulation issue :- Airbnb has faced significant regulation challenges in many countries, cities and jurisdictions worldwide. Many cities have implemented or proposed regulations to govern short-term rental. These regulations often include limits on the number of days a property can be rented out, zone restriction, some time registration requested and tax obligation.

Effects On Local Housing Markets :- impacts on airbnb market is a subject of debate and concern in many cities and communities.

Less Availability of Housing :- Airbnb reduces the long term rental houses in the area owners choose to rent their properties on a short term basis. It can lead to housing shortage and make it too difficult for local residents to find houses in popular areas.

Higher Rental Price :- The low availability of long term rental houses that can price up for rental houses.

Noise and Disruption :- Short term rental guests can contribute to the noise and disruption in neighbourhoods. The quality of life for local residents and people disturb and tension between host, guest and neighbourhoods.

Increased Traffic :- Short term rental guests in the neighbourhood, there can be increase in foot traffic and activity this can lead to an active atmosphere and create opportunities for local business and increase traffic on local area and road.

Taxation and Compliance :- Many jurisdictions require to collect and cancel residence taxes on short term rental. Some time, Airbnb has partnered with the local government to collect and cancel taxes directly on behalf of hosts, simplifying the process.

Regulatory Compliance :- Hosts must respect local law and regulation regarding short term rental houses. Important for hosts to stay informed about any changes or update to local regulation and adjust their action accordingly.

Safety and security concerns

Property Safety :- Guests have complained about the safety and condition of the rental property they are renting.it is important to host to maintain their property is a safe and well maintained condition including functional facility.

Fraud and Scam :- Fraud and scam on airbnb where property does not exist on airbnb. Guests should continue to make a booking, through reading the property listing, description and review and communicate directly with the host to ensure the legality of the loisting

Airbnb's Economics and Social Influence

Job Creation :- The growth of airbnb has led to exposure of a new ecosystem of service supporting hosts such as professional cleaning, property management and guest service. These services have created job opportunities and contribute to the local economy.

Tourism and Local Businesses :- Airbnb has explored new destinations and stay in residential neighbourhoods, benefits local business and communities.

Social Involvement and Diversity :- Airbnb has the potential to promote involvement and diversity in the travel industry.

Trust and Social Responsibility :- Airbnb builds trust in the community of hosts and guests through review, feedback and verification processes and safety and security.

Advantage for Guests and Host

Extra income for hosts :- Airbnb allows hosts to create income by renting out their spare rooms or entire property. It can be beneficial for hosts who have extra space or property.

Enhance Security :- Airbnb implements safety to help hosts and their property. Include guest verification and secure payment system.

Support and Resource :- Airbnb support and resources for hosts include host guidelines, tools for managing booking and communication 24/7 customer support.

Cost Savings :- Airbnb can be more cost effective than staying in hotels for a long stay or when travelling with a group.

Variety of Houses Option :- airbnb provides many houses options to suit their preference and budgets. Guests can choose their entire homes,apartments, private rooms or unique property.

Enhance Service :- Many airbnb properties come equipped with service such as laundry facilities, living area, kitchens, Wi-Fi, and other home comforts.

Growth into New Markets :- Airbnb has the potential to expand its future in existing markets and explore new markets around the world.

Integration of New Technology :- Airbnb is connected to technology like artificial intelligence(AI), Virtual reality(VR), and augmented reality(AR) to increase the user experience.

Innovation In Business :- Airbnb targets the travel market by providing customised service and houses for corporate travellers.

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To Conclusion

Airbnb has transfer travel by connecting hosts with travellers and offering unique houses. It allows hosts to earn income by renting out their property while guests benefit from a wide range of affordable and personalised options. Overall ,

Airbnb has transformed the way people travel and find houses making it significant in the housing industry.

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